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NBA Trade Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins Dropped by Kings, But No Team Wants Him
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NBA Trade Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins Dropped by Kings, But No Team Wants Him

NBA Trade Rumors are rife about the Sacramento Kings trading off DeMarcus Cousins. The All-Star center has not been performing up to expectations. Also, his controversial nature is reportedly keeping other teams from showing interest in a deal.

As per the latest NBA Trade Rumors, no team wants DeMarcus Cousins even though the Kings want to trade him off. Yahoo! Sports has reported that Cousins is probably the best center in the NBA. However, the Kings have notched up only 33 wins since Cousins joined in the year 2010.

DeMarcus Cousins also has major attitude problems as per NBA Trade Rumors. These are reportedly coming in the way of other teams showing interest in signing him. The Kings are looking for a trade partner with only another season left before Cousins is likely to depart.

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Finding a trade partner for DeMarcus Cousins is proving to be a major hurdle for the Kings. An East Conference general manager has stated that the Kings will “never get what they want in return”. He has also added that “he hurts you every bit as much as he helps you”.

Why No Team Wants DeMarcus Cousins

He even likened Cousins to a “cheeseburger, or booze. Too much and you’ll pay a price”. Other team personnel are also of the same view. They believe that Cousins is being held onto by the Kings since there are no other choices in sight.

One general manager also said that he would be “terrified with that guy on my team”. He also added that the Kings had asked about “what I’d give up”. However, the answer was “not much, no one that I value”.

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Cousins has an average of 8.4 rebounds and 26.0 points in seven season games. However, he has already been fined $25, 000 for throwing his mouthpiece into the gallery. He was also assessed a technical foul.

A Western Conference executive has said that he would go for Cousins but a “dominant personality” was needed. This would ensure ample control over the controversial athlete. He even talked of Cousins being “a problem”. The Kings would “love to trade him, but can’t” according to this executive.

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