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Overwatch Sombra Reveal: Abilities, Story & FAQ Revealed! New Features Reveal Backstory?

Overwatch Sombra Reveal: Abilities, Story & FAQ Revealed! New Features Reveal Backstory?

Fans at BlizzCon 2016 were more than delighted to see the purple-clad hacker in the hit MMO shooter. The Overwatch Sombra reveal was, if anything, about time.

Blizzard finally teased the arrival of the enigmatic hacker with a cinematic video. According to Blizzard, Overwatch will bring Sombra to its Public Test Realm next week.

According to the YouTube video, Sombra is working alongside Reaper and Widowmaker in zones of high priority. She is in charge of infiltrating systems and making sure the other two have safe entrances and exits. In this particular video, they are to assassinate the leader of Volskaya Industries.

However, while their mission doesn’t go according to plan, it appears Sombra has some agenda of her own. It was teased that Sombra was a hacker that worked for a Mexican gang that Soldier 76 used to chase down.

Regardless, interactions with her in the recent alternate reality game prior to her Overwatch Sombra reveal showed  more sinister agendas behind our “fun” hacker.

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Overwatch Sombra reveal: About Time

Sombra appears to be an offensive stealth hero that relies on undermining her opponents to turn the tide of battle. Her primary weapon, the “special gloves” allow her to “hack” the playing field in order to get the advantage. However, it appears her sub-weapon, the SMG, will ordinarily be a sidearm.

It is also implied that Sombra will be unrivaled in terms of stealth as she can be invisible and teleport short distances.

According to Play Overwatch, her Thermoptic Camo makes her invisible for a short amount of time and a speed boost as well. Her Translocator also allows her to place a device anywhere on the map she can teleport back to if she gets in trouble.

Her other ability called Hack disables all enemy activities, which is a deadly counter-attack to ultimates. However, her ultimate attack – called the EMP – is especially effective against Reinhardt and Winston as it destroys all enemy barriers and shields. It also disables enemies for a short while.

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Sombra’s arrival may also carry the arrival of new maps. Oasis is a high-tech city in the middle of the Arabian desert. Meanwhile, the Eco-Point Antarctica is the place where Mei was frozen in cryostasis prior to the events of the game.

Overwatch Sombra reveal was about time. Players are getting a bit tired of the puzzle after puzzle that only gave clues instead of actual answers about her appearance.

Overwatch is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC.

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