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MLB Dodgers Trade: Yasiel Puig for Ian Kinsler of Detroit Tigers?
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MLB Dodgers Trade: Yasiel Puig for Ian Kinsler of Detroit Tigers?

The Los Angeles Dodgers trade news reports are hinting at a possible trade-off. The Dodgers may pitch for Ian Kinsler from the Detroit Tigers and trade Yasiel Puig in exchange. There are widespread rumors of such a trade happening.

The Dodgers trade rumors are already in overdrive about Yasiel Puig being traded. Puig debuted spectacularly in 2013 and led the LA Dodgers to first place according to Fansided. The very next season, Puig encompasses forty runs and eleven home runs! However, Puig has been performing dismally after May 2014.

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This has sparked the rumors of a Dodgers trade for Kinsler in place of Puig. Puig has not had good numbers to show for the last two seasons. He is still a good athlete and may provide decent value to any other team. Puig has also missed a whopping 141 games over the last two seasons due to several injuries.

Additionally, the Dodgers already have a good outfield comprising Josh Reddick, Trayce Thompson and Howie Kendrick. There are also others like Andrew Toles, Joc Pederson and Andre Ethier in the mix. The Dodgers will look to trade Puig when his stock is still high and hence these rumors.

Why Puig Will Be A Good Deal

Puig will be a good deal for several MLB biggies though the Dodgers will have to be suitably lured. Puig is still known for his athleticism, speed and good fielding. The Dodgers may also refrain from selling Puig according to a few sources.

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This is because the Dodgers may decide to hold onto the deal until Puig performs better in upcoming seasons. Forbes has also reported that the Dodgers may trade for Ian Kinsler. What makes it even more feasible is that Kinsler will be a free agent soon.

There are even talks of the Dodgers considering Jose Bautista or Sean Rodriguez. Steve Pearce is also among the players that the Dodgers are interested in.

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