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Hitman Season 2 Release Date in 2017? Paris During Christmas Setting Hinted

Hitman Season 2 Release Date in 2017? Paris During Christmas Setting Hinted

The first season of IO Interactive’s latest Hitman game came to a close last week with the release of Hokkaido. But Hitman fans need not worry, as producer Hakan Abrak confirmed that Hitman season 2 is on the way.

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Hitman Season 2 Confirmed

During an interview with Gamergen at Paris Games Week 2016, producer Hakan Abrak confirmed that the second season for Hitman is already in development. Beyond that, he also went into detail regarding their plans for the second season.

For one, he confirmed that they already have plans for new cities and locations for Agent 47 to travel to. But at the same time, he assures us that they will not be abandoning the old locations and cities from the first season. For example, they want to continue to use the locations from season 1 for live events such as Elusive Targets and Escalation Missions.

Likewise, he confirmed the possibility of returning to the same city but during a different time or a different location. He cites visiting Paris during the holiday season to give it a festive feel as an example.

As of now there’s no confirmed date on when season 2 will be arriving. However, IO has already laid out their plans for the month of November.

The full interview can be found here in French.

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Hitman’s Episodic Release Schedule

When Hitman’s episodic nature was first announced, many people criticized this decision. Most fans of the series were not happy with this release model, especially early on when there were only a few episodes out.

However, IO Interactive handled their release model very well and has changed most of the reception towards it. Throughout the span of season 1, IO has always been transparent with their release schedule and content launches. Likewise, they constantly kept the game active in between episodes with the release of Elusive Targets and Escalation Contracts. All in all, other developers could learn from IO with regards to handling an episodic release schedule.

A physical copy of the game with the complete first season will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC this coming January.

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