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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Kensi Dies, Callen Goes Crazy [Spoilers]

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Kensi Dies, Callen Goes Crazy [Spoilers]

Last week’s episode of NCIS Los Angeles Season 8, Kensi wakes up from her coma. Busting speculations that Kensi is going to die. Fans of the NCIS agent can now breathe a sigh of relief.

But Kensi is going to walk a long path towards recovery. In the upcoming Sunday episode, Kensi will be shown squeezing Deek’s hands. To her horror, she finds out that she could no longer feel her left hand.

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In an interview with TV Guide, Eric Christian Olsen shares Deek’s feelings towards the current situation Kensi is in. “I think this is going to serve as another great obstacle that either turns into a foundation for betterment of the relationship, one of these things that they use as just another rock to build this foundation … or an obstacle which becomes a roadblock. … And I don’t know the answer to that. That’s why I’m answering this as a hypothetical, because we’re not that far along with it,” Olsen says.

“When Deeks finally gets a grasp on what it is that he’s feeling, it’s something that we all say in relationships, which is, “I’ll go to the end of the earth for you.” You say these things because they’re platitudes of comfort. And then all of a sudden when you’re called out on one of them and you realize that you don’t know how. It’s another path. You don’t know the journey. Don’t know what you’re supposed to do. You don’t know the role you’re supposed to play in the madness,”, he further explains.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Callen is a Patient in Mental Hospital

The upcoming episode entitled “Crazy Train”, Callen (Chris O’Donnell) will go on an undercover mission. He will pose as a patient in a mental institution. According to Game ‘N Guide, Callen will be shown trying to blend in with the rest of the patients.

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His mission? To find an NSA agent who is reported missing while tracking down an ISIS cell trying to cross the Mexican Border.

CBS TV show NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 airs every Sunday night.

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