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Starbucks Cup Satanic: CEO Admits Satanism Agenda?

Starbucks Cup Satanic: CEO Admits Satanism Agenda?

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz admits the company wants to entice customers to Satanic worship using the new Starbucks cup. Or did he?

Schultz confirmed the company’s Satanism agenda, according to The Dandy Goat. The November 10, 2015, article posted on the website quoted Schultz as saying the store’s new holiday cups aims to entice customers to practice Satanism.

But Snopes brands the report as false. The Dandy Goat, a satirical publication, should not be considered a trusted source of news, Snopes points out.

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The company redesigns the Starbucks cup for the holiday each November. This year, Starbucks will come out with two designs, the first unveiled on November 1.

The new cup designed by artist Shogo Ota shows “mosaic of more than a hundred people drawn in one continuous stroke.”  The company also changed the color from the traditional red to green.

The company  hopes the newly designed Starbucks cup will become a symbol of unity and a reminder of shared values, Schultz says in a press release.

“Friends, baristas, and customers drawn in one continuous line—reminding us we’re all connected” Starbucks posted on its Twitter account.

But the Starbuck cup’s changes drew mixed reactions. Some Twitter users denounced these for having political undertones.

Schultz has openly endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Others gushed over the new design.

Starbucks Holiday Cups are All Wrapped Up

The Huffington Post, however, notes the new designs may not be holiday cups.

In a statement via email, Starbucks says  the rest of the company’s holiday plans “are still under wraps.”  The employees are already starting to share on social media images of boxes containing actual seasonal cups, adds The Huffington Post. The boxes are sealed  and marked “NO PEEKING until November 10.”

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