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One Piece Chapter 844, 845 Spoilers: Final Episodes Before Cancellation [Rumors]

One Piece Chapter 844, 845 Spoilers: Final Episodes Before Cancellation [Rumors]

One Piece Chapter 844 and 845 manga are already out. And reports are saying the two chapters might be the last before the manga is cancelled. One report is saying that Mangaka Eiichiro Oda will take a long pause from creating the manga. While another report says that Oda is thinking of a storyline that will lead to the end of the highly successful manga.

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Fans are devastated from hearing the reports but are very happy when chapters 844 and 845 are released. The two episodes did not disappoint. The fans are very happy with the progress of Sanji’s story and his clash with Luffy and Nami.

Warning: One Piece Chapter 844 and 845 Spoilers

In these episodes, Sanji is acting weirdly, starting a fight between him and Luffy. Sanji tells Luffy and Nami not to meddle with his life anymore. And even went too far by insulting them and likening them to garbage.

Luffy stood his ground and doesn’t believe Sanji. The straw hat tells Sanji that he sucks at acting and is a big liar. But Sanji insisted that he doesn’t want anything to do with them anymore. Nami is confused and hurt and tells Sanji that he has gone too far.

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Sanji then challenges Luffy to a duel. His feet lights with a fire of red and yellow. Luffy refuses to fight Sanji and stood his ground. Sanji makes his move and kicks Luffy in the face. Still, the latter did not fight back.

Nami could not take seeing the two fighting. She slaps Sanji in the face and tells him that the straw hat pirates will no longer go after Sanji.

One Piece has been able to bring joy to manga fans all over the world for 10 years. Although the cancellation reports are just rumors, fans dread the end of the manga and are hoping that Oda will keep on creating fun-filled and action-packed adventures of Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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If you haven’t read One Piece Chapter 844 yet, watch this:

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