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Destiny 2 Release Date, News & Leak: Launch on 2017; Plot, Additional Content Revealed!

Destiny 2 Release Date, News & Leak: Launch on 2017; Plot, Additional Content Revealed!

How about we save the world in Mars? Bungie will try to answer the question with Destiny 2, with the much-awaited game now in full-swing.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg revealed more plans about the upcoming Destiny 2 to arrive next year. He told investors during the financial conference call that Destiny 2 should be able to entice fans with more content.

However, according to DualShockers, Hirshberg declined to offer more information about the game other than the potential date. He did manage to emphasize that the game will aim to bring new and old fans together with more sophisticated gameplay.

The game plans to use a “smart approach” to deliver content following the game’s release. He noted the particular good reception of Destiny‘s post-launch content with updates and patches.

Sadly, this means there might be no news about Destiny 2 soon other than rumors circulating around the internet. Take note that not all of these are confirmed and may have to wait for affirmation from either Bungie or Activision.

Regardless, theories strongly suggest a PC release for the game. Activision company High Moon Studios is no doubt working on Destiny 2, but fans discourage (and praise) the risk of making a PC release. Fans said this will indeed open a new market for gamers to enjoy, but it will divide fans of Xbox One players and PlayStation 4 players altogether.

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Destiny 2: Guardians in Mars?

Fans have already feared the poor reception of Bungie’s move to discontinue Legacy console support for Destiny. With the launch of Rise of Iron, players who continue to play their characters on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will have new experiences altogether.

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According to Game Rant, leaked art from game artist Azis Dosmetov revealed his “rejected” pitch for a Destiny 2 trailer. The art appears to be stills from a trailer. This generated the rumor that there might be three subclasses for the main game’s classes, namely the hunter, the titan and the warlock.

There’s also a depiction of the Traveler hanging above the Last City, seemingly destroyed. The in-game social space called the Tower appear to be decimated as well. Given that Azis Dosmetov worked with Bungie on Destiny DLC The Taken King, it appears the game may have some ties with Osiris.

Some speculate that if the stills were indeed from a rejected pitch, then it’s odd for Dosmetov to take them down. Either way, it appears the sequel will take place in a new location if the Last City was indeed destroyed. Does this hint a Mars sanctuary, or an underground city?

Destiny: Rise of Iron, the game’s latest patch, has just launched on September 20.

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