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WWE News: Big Name Dead After Monday Night Raw Injury?
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WWE News: Big Name Dead After Monday Night Raw Injury?

Monday Night Raw is massive WWE News. Not only did Goldberg return after a decade-long of absence, he also made sure that the Big Name remembered his name.

Goldberg’s return to WWE might have caused the death of Big Name in the sport. The legend not only beat Rusev but also caused Paul Heyman a hospital visit. After delivering a brutal spear to Heyman, the wrestler was in no condition to stand and fight. Later that night,  WWE reported that Heyman was rushed to the hospital due to abdominal pains.

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WWE News: Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg, Big Name Dead?

It looks like there wasn’t any major injuries on the Big Name. However,  the official website has not given any updates on his condition. Some are speculating the worst– that is, the Big Name’s demise. Others are thinking it is all simply part of the storyline.

What is certain at the moment is that Goldberg is back and is as ready as ever. And the incident with Heyman will only fire up Brock Lesnar even more to face the WCW champion on November 14.

Hell in the Cell is a thing of the past now and WWE is focused on Raw.

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One of the highly-anticipated matches is that of the legendary wrestler,  Goldberg against Brock Lesnar.

His comeback was in response to Heyman’s call for him to fight Brock. Unfazed,  Goldberg agrees to the challenge.

After a verbal battle between the two sides,  it’s time for Heyman and Lesnar’s rebuttal. However,  Heyman opted to do it alone leading to his getting beat up.

Nevertheless, Rusev who interfered with the legend earlier had more happening to him. Trying to bad mouth the champ then sending a punch to him was ineffective. Instead, Goldberg sent him several punches and a knee to his gut. The Bulgarian Brute was finished off by a jackhammer from the WCW heavyweight.

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Heyman was shocked at the spectacle and entered the ring. Before speaking,  Goldberg decided to show him what he is made off with a spear that sent Heyman to the ER.

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