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Warriors vs Thunder NBA Live Stream Here! Watch Durant vs Westbrook Online
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Warriors vs Thunder NBA Live Stream Here! Watch Durant vs Westbrook Online

The Warriors vs Thunder match will soon be underway and has generated widespread hysteria amongst fans. Apart from the usual rivalry, there is another aspect that has jazzed up the sheer value of this contest. The relationship between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook has added a whole new dimension to the face-off between the Warriors and Oklahoma City.

The Warriors vs Thunder game assumes extra importance since Durant has already talked of his emotions being rather high. He has already played eight seasons with Westbrook and reportedly did not inform him when he switched to the Warriors. Durant’s decision this July to leave OKC as a free agent and join the Warriors broke many hearts.

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Durant is now being held a traitor in the minds of OKC fans. Additionally, what makes the GSW vs OKC match even more important is Westbrook’s prolonged silence. He has not said or done anything to distance himself from all the bitterness towards Durant.

Durant has spoken lovingly of Westbrook and has also expressed regret about not informing the latter personally. Westbrook has been in great form and may be gunning for revenge on Durant in particular when the two teams meet.

Draymond Green Wants KD to Win!

Draymond Green has become a friend to Durant at the Warriors. Talking about the match, Green said the Warriors want to beat OKC badly for KD.

“I think it’ll be a lot of emotions,” Green said, notes CSN. “They’re going to want to beat him really bad. He’s going to want to beat them really bad. In turn, we’re going to want to beat them really bad because we want him to beat them really bad.”

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Durant will undoubtedly feel different, competing against the only other team he has played for before joining the Warriors. Durant knows that Westbrook will be striving to take it out on him at the game. However, the Warriors are favorites to win though Westbrook will be looking to make a sizeable impact since there is nothing to lose.

Watch Warriors vs Thunder Online 

Those wanting to watch the Warrior vs Thunder game online can visit the following live streaming sites tonight at 10am EST:

ESPN Online

NBA League Pass

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