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Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 ‘Red Crow’ DLC: New Characters, Plot, & Gameplay Revealed!

Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 ‘Red Crow’ DLC: New Characters, Plot, & Gameplay Revealed!

FPS fans are in for a rough ride this month. The latest DLC from Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 appears to be set in Japan, and it may be released soon.

Leaks from Reddit revealed that not only are players going to get a brand new setting, they are also going to get new operators. According to the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter, the DLC is officially called Operation Red Crow. If the poster is any hint to the playing field, it appears to be a smeared interpretation of a classic Japanese temple. This may hint at a rural setting, akin to the latest Hitman episode.

And if their hint is to be believed, there will be more details about the add-on within the week. Hopefully this reveals more details about the plot of the DLC.

This is only as far as players could know – officially. However, good folks from Reddit have begun scouring the web for clues. According to cheesetoaster13, there are also new operators in the foray named Echo and Hibana.

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Rainbow Six Siege Season 4: From Japan With Love

If the images are to be believed, then the two characters will be our operators for next season. Echo appears to have some sort of gadget that corresponds to his logo. This may imply that Echo is a defensive operator, capable of traversing the field stealthily.

Meanwhile, Hibana seems to have a weapon that is liquid-based. No one knows if it shoots liquid chemicals or a viral agent, but it appears Hibana will be the attack operator for the game.

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Given the earlier release of Operation Skull Rain, Ubisoft is trying to keep players from yet another DLC to enjoy. The goal of course is to make sure the game gets a decent-enough player base before another DLC is released. Interestingly, the tactic seems to be working well for the company.

According to Game Rant, Ubisoft is getting more active players than before. This is a good sign given the competitive nature of Rainbow Six Siege, and Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 will not make it easier for players.

The game is a relatively new direction from FPS, given there’s a direct emphasis with environmental destruction and cooperation. In fact, the game appears to be a tactical shooter than an FPS. Players will be able to use a wide variety of weapons and technology to execute their movements and fulfill objectives.

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