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Pacquiao vs Vargas 2016: Manny Next Fight is Juan Manuel Marquez Again [Rumors]
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Pacquiao vs Vargas 2016: Manny Next Fight is Juan Manuel Marquez Again [Rumors]

The Pacquiao vs Vargas updates keep filtering in and creating hysteria for fans. However, even though Vargas will face Pacquiao there will be another fight. It is being speculated that Pacquiao’s second opponent will be none other than Juan Manuel Marquez!

According to Philstar, coach Freddie Roach is focusing hugely on the Pacquiao vs Vargas match up. However, he is also wondering who Manny will face after his 12 round title battle. The title bout will take place at Las Vegas’ Thomas and Mack Centre this weekend.

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Roach has confirmed that apart from the Pacquiao vs Vargas fight, there will be one more left in the Top Rank contract. Pacquiao will be a free agent after these two outings. He may negotiate a final fight as per rumors. This will be based on not paying any middleman or promoter a share of the proceeds. Pacquiao may also arrange a sharing formula with his opponent.

More Speculation Concerning An Opponent 

This farewell bout may be the eagerly awaited rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, this is solely speculation as of now. Roach has also removed Terence Crawford from his future opponent list. Roach talked about how he “wouldn’t want it for Manny” at this particular “stage in his life”.

However, a better option according to Roach would be Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez has not entered the ring since May 2014. However, he is training again for a retirement bout of his own. Marquez has gone on record to state that “if the body responds well, we’re going to make a comeback”.

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In case Pacquiao meets Marquez in the ring, it will be their fifth such battle. Roach has stated that Marquez is still a dangerous opponent for Pacquiao. He also stated that he would urge VADA to conduct drug testing in case this fight happens. Manny Pacquiao certainly has a score to settle with Marquez according to Roach.

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