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NFL News: Tony Romo Stays as Backup; Is Dak Prescott Better?
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NFL News: Tony Romo Stays as Backup; Is Dak Prescott Better?

NFL News updates have confirmed that Tony Romo will not be traded by the Dallas Cowboys. Earlier, there were reports linking him in a possible trade to the New York Jets. However, Romo stays for the time being albeit in Dak Prescott’s shadow.

NFL News reports point to a simmering debate over whether Dak Prescott is simply a better option. This comes even as Romo has still been retained by the Cowboys as a backup option at best. Fox Sports has reported that Prescott has fabulously won six of his seven NFL games with the most iconic one being against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Prescott has contributed hugely towards the Cowboys’ first standing in the NFC East. They are a cool two games ahead of all other division rivals. Prescott even came back from 10 points down to successfully defeat the Eagles and Carson Wentz in overtime.

Why Tony Romo May Still Be Vital 

NFL News reports are labeling it one of the most awe-inspiring performances from Prescott in his short career so far. However, several reports are stating that Tony Romo is also necessary for the Cowboys. This is a contradictory statement of sorts but is it true?

Prescott did not impress for close to an hour and he almost blew off the candle several times. He was excellent only in overtime and not even in final regulation minutes. The Eagles failed to capitalize on his mistakes and hence he came out with flying colors.

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Prescott was not quite comfortable at specific moments and looked a shadow of his previous self. He completed just 4 out of 11 passes for 66 yards and one touchdown. Prescott is a good bet for the Cowboys but their decision to keep Romo as a backup seems justified.

Prescott has been struggling in the red zone and making several amateur mistakes. These are things that Romo would have successfully executed according to several experts. Romo’s experience makes him a better option for the Cowboys when he is fully fit.

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