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Killer Clowns Purge Night 2016: Vigilante Hunts Down Scary Clowns with Nunchucks
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Killer Clowns Purge Night 2016: Vigilante Hunts Down Scary Clowns with Nunchucks

The killer clowns purge night 2016 did not seem to be as big a threat as earlier anticipated. However, the rage against these killer clowns have yet to subside.

Killer clowns purge turns the other way around where the hunters become the hunted. While these clowns have been effective in scaring people especially children for the last few months since they first appeared in July, the tables have now turned for them. People simply have had enough. They would not take any more of the scares.

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Killer Clowns Purge: Clowns Being Hunted

While the appearance of pranksters in killer clown costumes might still scare little kids and elders, younger people are retaliating. Several incidents of killer clowns being hunted have been reported and some are even taking videos of beating up clowns on the streets.

Just recently, a Polish man was taken to court for hunting down killer clowns using a martial arts weapon. The 22-year old Krzysztof Rudzki was seen roaming the streets with a Nunchucks in hand late at night. According to Mirror, he was spotted by a paramedic in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

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The young man was taken into custody for possessing a dangerous weapon on the streets. Rudzki admitted that he was hunting the streets for killer clowns saying  “It isn’t right that these clowns are hurting people and I am doing something about it.”

He also admitted that he was drunk and regretted his actions. “It sounds very stupid what I have done. I regret it. I really don’t remember this night.”

While what he did could have put him in jail for up to four years, presiding magistrate Diane Hunt of South East Suffolk pardoned him and sentenced him to 12 months of community service. Prosecutor Lesla Small added in court that “He finds the current trend of people dressing up and scaring children as sick.”

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Not surprising was that following the incident, two teenage girls were threatened by a prankster in a killer clown costume in the same town. Fortunately for the clown, Rudzki was not there to beat him up.

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