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Kate Middleton Forces Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Break Up! Here’s Why

Kate Middleton Forces Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Break Up! Here’s Why

The Prince Harry, Meghan Markle romance has already caved in if one will believe the rumors going around. The reason behind this split is speculated to be none other than Kate Middleton herself! Middleton has reportedly forced the couple to break up!

The story about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle romance has been widely written about in the press. However, Parent Herald has stated that Middleton may have influence Harry to break up. There may be several reasons for this including the Duchess of Cambridge’s fear of losing her popularity.

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Why Is Kate Worried? 

Kate Middleton is reportedly worried that the rumored Prince Harry, Megan Markle romance may get serious. This may translate into the new romance overshadowing her own popularity. It may also end up dividing overall attention garnered from the press.

Her fears are not unfounded as per rumors. The budding romance has already caught the fancy of several publications and tabloids. The Duchess is reportedly feeling jealous and threatened by this new relationship.

Several tabloids have already claimed that Meghan Markle is secretly dating Prince Harry. The Suits actress’ links to this colorful Royal are now the fodder of choice for global coverage. It has also been reported that Harry hugely values the counsel of his brother and sister-in-law.

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The Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Story

As a result, Middleton may successfully influence him on giving up the relationship for the sake of her comfort. However, some publications have also claimed otherwise. They have stated that Middleton and Markle hit it off well at their first meeting.

Markle and Harry have reportedly been spending time throughout the UK and United States on private trips. The actress has already interacted with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on an earlier visit. Sources have also claimed that Harry is in a happy phase at present.

Sources also state that Meghan Markle’s entry into Harry’s life has been well timed. He could not be happier with his life right now according to them. Will Kate force Harry to break up or will she happily accept Markle?

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