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Beauty and the Beast 2017 Trailer Release this Week? New Photos Show Emma Watson Gown as Belle
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Beauty and the Beast 2017 Trailer Release this Week? New Photos Show Emma Watson Gown as Belle

The remake of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast 2017 has finally released photos of Belle in a stunning golden gown. In addition, dreamy photos of some snippets of the live-action fairy tale are already out for fans to drool on.

The tale as old as time that is Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beloved fairy tales ever made. It is a story of true love and acceptance despite looks or social status. In the story, Belle is trapped in a mansion where she starts to live with a cursed prince. The once handsome and formidable bachelor was cursed into a hideous beast as well as his workers into kitchen utensils such as a teapot and saucers.

Both Belle and the beasts lived harmoniously together in the mansion and have started to have feelings for each other. Fast-forward, Belle ends up saving the Beast whose only redemption from the curse is true love.

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The story has had multiple adaptations from plays, movies, literary works and television series. The 1992 Disney classic has been well-recognized and was nominated for Best Picture on the Oscars and awarded Best Music. It even won Best Motion Picture for a Musical in the Golden Globes. Apart from the two, the fairy tale has received many awards making it one of the most highly awarded Disney fairy tales.

Beauty and the Beast 2017

The remake of the classic pays respect to the essence of its predecessor. Belle, played by Emma Watson could not have been more perfect for the role. Paige O’ Hara, the original Belle even said that “I think that if I were producing that movie, Emma Watson would’ve been my first choice for Belle. I was just really happy they went with Emma. She’s got the intelligence, she’s got the humor. I think she’s going to be really, really special.”

The original cast members seem to be in agreement. Sheer perfection is how we would describe Watson on the recently released photos from Entertainment Weekly. The actress is radiantly glowing in her golden ball gown, its simplicity utterly captivating.

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Not only is she perfect for the role, visually, she is also one dedicated Belle. Like most young girls, Watson grew up loving the fairy tale. “I can’t even think how many times I watched it as a child, I knew all the words by heart. I knew all the songs by heart,” shares the modern-day Beauty.

But other than Belle, everything else looks perfect in the Beauty and the Beast 2017 live-action. The settings, characters and story are all impeccably weaved together forming a dreamy whole.


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