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Ronda Rousey WWE News: Returns to Fight Stephanie McMahon, Charlotte [Rumors]
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Ronda Rousey WWE News: Returns to Fight Stephanie McMahon, Charlotte [Rumors]

Ronda Rousey is definitely making waves in the competitive fighting sports scene in UFC. However, her UFC career may cap off soon as Ronda Rousey WWE finally becomes a thing.

Rousey fans will know of her exploits inside the Octagon. In fact, her fighting career has put her in the spotlight on a variety of occasions. However, according to FOX Sports, a particular interview in The Ellen Show gave hints that her match with Amanda Nunes in December may be one of her last.

Her next stop? A WWE career.

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Ronda Rousey WWE: What’s in it for her?

Fans may have already heard that Rousey did express interest in joining the ranks of WWE’s prestigious roster. If her match with Nunes in UFC 207 may really wrap her UFC career, then WWE is a good next step.

Are we expecting a Ronda Rousey arrival in WrestleMania 33 next year? This is a huge possibility, but with matches from Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker in the horizon, it seems there are more surprises to expect.

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However, Rousey herself has got a good career with her. A particular proficiency in martial arts places her on a definite advantage against some of WWE’s most admired female stars.

According to Forbes, there is a multitude of WWE stars that Rousey could face inside the ring. Rousey is pegged to be the one person to end Nia Jax’s destructive reign. Bayley may also be an option, as the popular star’s shining aura plus Rousey’s critical acclaim may get WWE the ratings it needed.

Asuka from NXT is also a rising threat to the WWE roster. If there’s anyone who can match Rousey’s skills in the ring, it’s got to be Asuka and her quick strikes.

However, the more interesting match-ups come in the form of Stephanie McMahon. Wrestling fans can remember their fatal encounter back in WrestleMania 31, and Rousey’s return may finally put this to a close.

Rousey’s presence is a direct threat to McMahon’s dominance. Fans may even see a Rousey and The Rock versus McMahon and Triple H.  

Meanwhile, Rousey may even try a jab at Charlotte’s Women’s title. Since Charlotte is obviously one of the top female stars in the WWE roster, she may welcome Rousey – albeit with a bang.

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