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Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date, Trailer: Andromeda Initiative, Plot & Gameplay Here!
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Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date, Trailer: Andromeda Initiative, Plot & Gameplay Here!

When the galaxy is in danger, it’s time to form the initiative. Sadly, not the Avengers Initiative. However, Mass Effect Andromeda teases more than aliens in its November 7 trailer.

The much-awaited game has been a godsend to fans who are waiting for a new Mass Effect title. Its E3 2015 reception is tremendously successful, which means the hype for Mass Effect Andromeda is more than a reality.

According to a new Mass Effect video, players will be thrust into something called the Andromeda Initiative. It is a recruitment-style advertisement featuring two N7-clad characters. They appear to be staring at Earth from the Moon, with a large starship behind them.

It actually is a mass relay, which is a structure that allows interplanetary travel. It was destroyed at the end of Mass Effect 3, but it seems it will play a larger role in the series.

Players have to stay tuned on November 7, as “orientation” into the program begins there.

The game will have an early 2017 release, and this time BioWare is not stopping short of details.

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Mass Effect Andromeda: New Worlds, New Stories

November 7, also known as N7 Day, is a glorious moment for BioWare. It’s the launching of the first game in the highly-acclaimed franchise. It’s celebrated with in-game bonuses, events, behind-the-scenes and other community activities.

The orientation on N7 Day means there’s more than meets the eye to the new game. The two characters, themselves, appear to be the “sibling protagonists” that players may get to play in the game.

Interestingly, this supplements a ton of other details revealed in the past few months.

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Rumors about the game reveal that players will be able to explore a multitude of planets and meet other forms of life. They will also have a team or a “squad” that will help them traverse the alien environment.

Intriguingly, a lot of the elements on this planet reacts to the player’s movement. This indicates that the environments of the game actively engage the player.

However, fans are still wondering just how Mass Effect Andromeda plays over the events that are set in motion by Commander Shepard.

The game will have a Q1 2017 release for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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