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WWE News: Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Cancelled as Rusev Fight at Raw Disappoints

WWE News: Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Cancelled as Rusev Fight at Raw Disappoints

The latest WWE News updates have revealed how Goldberg spoilt the party for Rusev at Raw. The Halloween episode of Raw at Connecticut on Monday had Goldberg returning after more than 12 years. He hit Rusev badly with a Jackhammer and even speared Paul Heyman. This may lead to his and Lesnar’s fight being cancelled.

WWE News updates have come in regarding how Rusev had earlier criticized the return of Goldberg to the ring. Rusev then reportedly punched Goldberg. Heyman also attempted to add to Goldberg’s misery.

However, the big man came back to end the entire segment with a show of strength as per WWE news. Bleacher Report has stated how Goldberg’s Jackhammer and spear looked a little rusty. There were mixed reactions of how Goldberg has shaped up on returning to the WWE ring.

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Heyman had earlier challenged Goldberg on Brock Lesnar’s behalf. He had called out the former on Raw itself and asked for a fight on behalf of his client. Heyman has earlier been seeing going to extremes to get Goldberg to accept the challenge.

He even stole Goldberg’s favorite catchphrase and Goldberg also released a promo where he spoke to both Lesnar and Heyman. The 49 year old had initially talked of staying retired from the ring. However, he has finally decided to come forward and accept the challenge posed by Brock Lesnar.

Other Major Developments 

Lesnar and Heyman were warmly welcomed at the Raw episode held at Minneapolis. However, it is quite clear that fans are vociferously backing Lesnar. This creates widespread speculation about how both superstars will be received by fans once they square off against each other.

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Goldberg did receive quite a bit of support on Monday post the announcement of the battle between him and the Lesnar. The two are supposed to square off at the Survivor Series to be held on the 20th of November. The first and last meeting between the two was in 2004 at WrestleMania.

Goldberg looks in decent shape according to UPROXX. However, Rusev’s disappointing Raw fight may lead to the cancellation of this otherwise epic battle.

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