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Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift 2016: Back Together? Here’s the Proof!
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Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift 2016: Back Together? Here’s the Proof!

Taylor Swift 2016 is the year where the singer found love in Tom Hiddleston, took the Kanye feud to a whole new level and rose up more graceful than ever from all the scandals and rumors she has faced.

While her rivalry with hip-hop artist Kanye West has escalated to a new extreme, Taylor has kept her cool Despite the rapper continuously bashing the pop star, Taylor merely responds with a smirk here and there.

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While the evident maturity in the 26-year old diva is quite a change from her past, some things remain the same. Like her reputation of short-term relationships lasting less than a year.

One of the highly controversial news about the singer is when she started dating the more mature and mysterious, Tom Hiddleston. Unfortunately for the picture-perfect couple, the relationship lasted for only a short time.

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According to sources, the two are still good friends and the reason for the split was because of work schedules. While Tom is busy with Thor, TSwift is also focused on her music.

Taylor Swift 2016: Back Together Again?

Recently, news broke that Taylor is back together again with the Thor actor. The reports say that after filming Thor 3 in Australia, Tom is back in the city and is also back in TSwift’s arms.

Inquistr reported that a source told them that the two had a secret rendezvous in London. “Tom Hiddleston apparently wrapped on Thor 3 in Australia a few days ago. He was not at the wrap party, but neither were Chris Hemsworth or other major members of the cast. But you know how Taylor’s fans track her plane? Well according to them (thanks for all your emails!) Taylor flew from LA to NYC on Friday night/Saturday and then the plane went to London, landing at Stansted airport. Which is also where her plane landed when she and Tom Hiddleston went to visit his family back in the summer. Typically when Taylor goes to London she uses Luton airport.”

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Another report by Hofmag shares that the two are still not together. However, according to Hofmag Tom is no go on the alleged Drake and Taylor Swift love affair. The site’s source claims that Tom was surprised about how unlikely Taylor and Drake will be as a couple.

Both rumors have not been confirmed to date. What we know however is that if TSwift and Tom makeup and decides to get back together, there’ll definitely be PDA involved.


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