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Super Dungeon Bros Xbox One Release Date & Review: Free Broette DLC on Launch! / WireProductionsLtd

Super Dungeon Bros Xbox One Release Date & Review: Free Broette DLC on Launch!

The co-optional dungeon crawler Super Dungeon Bros launches worldwide for Xbox One, PS4, and PC tomorrow, November 1! In addition to that, the game is part of November’s Games with Gold for Xbox Live Gold members.

Building up to the official release, Wired Games introduced a new set of characters – some fiery warrior ladies known as the Broettes. And as a bonus, the Broettes will be completely free to download on launch day! But this offer is only for a limited time, so make sure you get them as soon as you can.

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Introducing the Bros

So let’s try to get familiar with our cast of Bros and Broettes in the game. Let’s start of with the original quad themselves – the Bros.

Here are the official descriptions for each of the Bros from Wired Games themselves.

  • Axl – Axl is the muscle of the group and isn’t afraid to remind everyone. A ‘fight first, ask questions never’ type of guy, Axl will get the job done. Just as long as huge piles of Bonie bones and A LOT of property damage isn’t an issue.
  • Freddie – You know that guy in a group of friends that does the stupidest and most insane things because they believe it could be funny, even if no one else will? Freddie is that guy. To say he is dumber than a bag of rocks would be an insult to rocks.
  • Lars – Lars believes himself to be quite the ladies man within the group. It’s a shame then, that he becomes cripplingly incoherent once he starts talking to the opposite sex. Still, at least he has the completely unrealistic goal of trying to hook up with the queen of Chillheim to fall back on.
  • Ozzie – Ozzie is a genius. It’s just a shame that his genius is used for causing mischief and mayhem on an unbelievable scale rather than making Rökheim a better place. There is a fine line between genius and insanity, we’re just not sure what side of the line Ozzie is on.

Introducing the Broettes

And again, here are their official descriptions from Wired Games.

  • Jett – Raised in a brutal society and highly trained in combat, Jett is a confrontational assassin and unafraid of what lies around the corner. There is no other way than Jett’s way, remember that.
  • Patti – Illuminating the dark recesses of Rokheim, Patti is an eternally happy soul. Positivity is her mantra and nothing will diminish her uplifting spirit.
  • Nyx – Always ahead of the latest trends, Nyx is the go to girl for all things now. Pessimism overrules her wise mind but her loyalty is strong.
  • Lita – With a penchant for cats & strategic dismemberment (not mutually exclusive), Lita has the voice of an angel and the mind of a killer.

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Introducing Super Dungeon Bros

So what exactly is Super Dungeon Bros? Well the developers themselves describe it as a “fast paced, action focused, rock themed dungeon brawler” and based on the footage we’ve seen, that pretty much sums it up nicely. It appears to be a standard top-down action dungeon crawler that supports both online and local co-op. But then the question comes, is it any good?

Well we don’t actually know. At the time of this writing, there have been no official reviews from any of the major outlets. The only information we found was a preview from back in 2015 during the E3 demo, and it doesn’t really do so in a positive way. The writer says that the game – both in game play and writing is just plain bad. The characters are flat one-liner machines that all have a distinct personality trait, and really nothing else. The characters feel “floaty and unresponsive” as well as the combat being boring and repetitive.

That all said, this is a preview from over a year ago, we’ll have to wait for official reviews before we know if the game is better or just more of the same.


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