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Poldark Season 2 Cancelled? Episode 5 Not Getting Better
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Poldark Season 2 Cancelled? Episode 5 Not Getting Better

There’s little love in the air for Poldark season 2 both in the series’ story line and viewers reception.

After episode 8, the previously well-respected series has received massive criticism from viewers. While some believe Ross’ attempt to take his ex to bed despite her saying no is harmless, others disagree. Critics from different newspapers expressed strongly that the scene is considered rape.

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Despite the denial of the production that the scene was to be defined as rape, many still argue the opposite. Screenwriter Debbie Horsfield comparing it to Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind was proof of the glamorization of rape, according to the Telegraph.

However, rape scenes are not uncommon in films and television shows. Especially during the past, rape was something tolerated by women since society then has been strongly patriarchal.

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Poldark Season 2 Episode 9: Not Getting Better.

Blue Christmas, Poldark season 2’s fifth episode revolves around an Elizabeth feeling blue on the supposed festive season. Despite being showered with anonymous money from Ross and George sending off her child to an expensive school that the young lady would be happy. However, it seems for Elizabeth, the competition between Poldark and Warleggan is too much work. It looks like she would rather be left alone than be bombarded with love.

While most will argue that Elizabeth is better off with George than Ross, it looks like the young man has yet to get over his former lover. Confusing enough is despite his ongoing interest in Elizabeth, he still manages to keep the spark alive with his wife Demelza.

Episode 5 shows an intimate scene between the two where Ross brings home a gift for his wife. She tries on the silk stockings, and the rest is history.

Fast-forward to episode 9 after the bedroom scene between Elizabeth and Ross. Despite the two moving on as though nothing happened, Demelza  does not have it!

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The young lady opts to follow in the footsteps of her husband as her way of avenging herself. After the lad admits his feelings for Elizabeth to Demelza, instead of the usual reaction a wife would have to know her husband cheated, she decided for a different approach.

Demelza decides to heat up a local party by arriving in a sexy outfit, catching the attention of Sir Hugh Bodregan, Tankard, and Captain McNeil.

The night consisted of the recently distraught Demelza flirting with the three men and ended up bringing home the captain. Despite originally intending infidelity from her husband as her choice of revenge, the lady was unable to push through. After asking McNeil to stop several times, he finally did.

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Unintentionally, she did get her revenge. The episode ends with a heartbroken Ross after seeing Elizabeth marry and move together with George.

Poldark Season 2 Cancelled?

The show despite recent criticism still has an active fan-base that is supportive of the novel-turned-series. It’s second installment still, promises much action and drama.

After episode 8, BBC has yet to make any statement with regards to the show’s cancellation. However, it did mention previously that a third season has already been commissioned.



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