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MLB Trade Rumors: Tim Tebow Signs with Yankees?
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MLB Trade Rumors: Tim Tebow Signs with Yankees?

MLB Trade news is hinting at Tim Tebow possibly signing up with the Yankees. This rumor has been sparked by Tebow’s injury at the Arizona Fall League match. Also, Tebow would make for an excellent prospect for the Yankees according to experts.

MLB Trade Rumors have spread thick and fast about the Yankees being interested in Tim Tebow. Tebow has always been a reliable bet for the New York Mets according to However, he left the Arizona Fall League game with an injury on Monday.

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While striving to steal second base, Tebow hurt his right knee post a fourth-inning slide which looked quite awkward. The Mets, however, have clarified that this is basically a minor injury. Tebow was abruptly thrown out post the slide. He walked away on his own and was removed from the match itself.

Tebow was getting back into the groove after executing college football broadcasting duties at ESPN. The severity of his injury has not been ascertained as of yet. Tebow is an ex-NFL quarterback and winner of the Heisman Trophy.

NESN has also confirmed that Tebow still boasts of solid ability backed by confidence. This may make him an attractive option for the Yankees. The Yankees are reportedly shopping around for some stars and Tebow may be the best emerging prospect for them.

Why Tebow Makes For a Good Deal

Tebow’s hitting coach has also expressed confidence in his baseball capabilities. Tebow is being aided by Damon Minor as far as the Arizona Fall League is concerned. Minor is the hitting coach at the Scottsdale Scorpions.

Minor remains hugely optimistic about Tebow’s future abilities and progress. He has reportedly highlighted Tebow’s athleticism and other skills.

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However, the MLB Trade rumor mills cannot be kept quiet. There is widespread speculation regarding a possible move to the Yankees for Tim Tebow. The New York Mets have not responded to these speculations yet.

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