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World War 3 News 2016: Russia Sends Spy Submarine to UK Seas
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World War 3 News 2016: Russia Sends Spy Submarine to UK Seas

As per the latest World War 3 News updates, Russia has sent a spy submarine to the UK seas. The Sun has spoken of how Russia has released a spying submarine after 16 years. The submarine was detected in the Irish Sea recently.

World War 3 News updates have revealed the release of the Podmoskovie which left its Severodvinsk port on 22nd October. Experts had earlier warned of Russian submarines patrolling the globe and breaching UK waters.

Experts like Andrew Metrick have talked of how Russia has a few nuclear powered submarines. Some of the missions that can be undertaken with these submarines are “pretty scary” according to him.

More importantly, a Russian battleship fleet has been moving for attacking Aleppo through the Mediterranean. The submarines detected in the Irish Sea are believed to have been joining these ships. Tensions have escalated between Britain and Russia over the latter’s aggressive actions in Eastern Europe and Syria.

What Actually Happened

The Daily Mail Online has reported that three Russian submarines have been spotted. A British vessel has tracked Akula-class submarines. Another submarine has been spotted further north.

This development will further strain Britain’s relationship with Russia. Britain had earlier decided to dispatch aircraft, tanks and troops to Estonia. There are huge global concerns regarding Russia’s shows of force in recent times.

The nuclear Akula-class subs come with Kalibr cruise missiles. These missiles can also hit land targets. These were spotted on the radar of a Royal Navy vessel first. The third submarine was detected by some Norwegian ships.

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The Royal Navy has already advised Spain to reject Russia’s plea for landing its fleet at a particular port. Naval authorities have confirmed that the Russian submarines wanted to make their presence known.

Only a few days earlier, a super stealth submarine was unveiled by the Russian navy. This will be used in the Black Sea and is called the Veliky Novgorod.

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