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Destiny 2 PC Release News: Characters Carry Over to Sequel; Mars Setting Rumored

Destiny 2 PC Release News: Characters Carry Over to Sequel; Mars Setting Rumored

Some PC fans got a bit disappointed when the first Destiny game was only made available for consoles. This time, however, Destiny 2 may finally be taking off in the PC.

So far, Bungie may have confirmed the existence of Destiny 2, the much-anticipated sequel to space adventure Destiny. Fans initially suspected that the game would be a “continuation” of the Taken King, the second expansion of Destiny.

However, according to GAF user benny_a, Bungie did confirm Destiny 2 for the PC. According to a post, an internal meeting also revealed that Vicarious Visions will be helping out in Destiny 2‘s development.

Kotaku also heard the same thing, adding that Destiny 2 currently has a late 2017 release pegged for the PC.

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Destiny 2: Rumors so Far

However, the lack of news about Destiny 2 gives room for a lot of questions. Regardless, this doesn’t mean fans can get their own speculations running.

But this doesn’t mean Bungie didn’t have good plans. Some say the signs point towards Bungie starting from scratch with Destiny 2. Developers aim to make the game feel “completely new,” which may mean leaving everyone else behind. Interestingly, a developer said the Taken King was supposed to be Destiny 2. However, with another expansion on the loose, it seems a sequel will be the biggest thing on Bungie’s sleeve so far.

Of course, a PC release will greatly expand the game’s audience. However, the good reception for Rise of Iron meant Destiny players will have more than enough things to do without the sequel.

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It seems Destiny 2 will not only be set on Mars, but will also feature “play-in destinations.” Destiny 2 will have more people in outposts and towns with more “interesting” quests. This may mean the game will apply the classic MMO formula in other PC-based games.

If Destiny 2 won’t let characters be imported from the first game, then there must be some sort of gimmick for classic players. However, it may be helpful to remember that community manager David Dague told IGN back in 2014 that characters “will” be carried over.

According to Dague, having a character is like a relationship. You get attached to characters one way or the other. It will be quite hurting to not see that character get carried over to a game. This may mean instead of new classes, Destiny 2 may expand into other classes instead.

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