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NFL Trade Rumors: Tony Romo Signs with Denver Broncos? Super Bowl 51 Possible
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NFL Trade Rumors: Tony Romo Signs with Denver Broncos? Super Bowl 51 Possible

NFL Trade Rumors are suggesting that the Denver Broncos may make a bid for Tony Romo. The team is losing its hold on the Super Bowl Champions tag with back to back losses.  A short term move to land Tony Romo seems to be on the cards.

The team has failed to score in excess of 16 points in a single game over the last two weeks. Youthful quarterbacks Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian are compounding the problem. They have posted over 220 yards passing only twice this year in a game. Rival defenses have been able to focus on combating the Broncos’ ground attacks as a result. The team has been unable to post 100 yards rushing in a single game from the 18th of September onwards.

The back to back defeats have landed the team in a major crisis. The Denver Broncos are now playing with a worn out defense line. The team does not look dominant even though they won the championship in February. In light of the situation, John Gruden, Monday Night Football analyst, suggested a deal for a veteran quarterback to improve the situation.

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Why Tony Romo Assumes Importance 

In this column for ESPN Insider, Gruden stated that Lynch and Siemian represented the future for the Denver Broncos. However, he added that the championship window for this defense will not stay this wide open forever. He suggested that if the Broncos’ offense continues to sputter, a short term move for Tony Romo…before the Nov. 1 trading deadline should be a consideration at least. This has sparked countless NFL Trade Rumors of a possible deal.

This does make for an intriguing move although Romo is coming off a surgery and is 36 years old. The Dallas Cowboys will not be able to justify a high price for him as per NFL Trade Rumors, NFL Mocks noted.

If Romo himself is 100% fit, he may be the solution to the Broncos’ problems as an effective quarterback. Speculation is rife about whether the two teams will entertain the idea and whether Romo will sign up with the Broncos if approached.


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  • jtology

    This is why Gruden isn’t coaching anymore. Really? Panic and trade for Romo? The guy is so injury prone and fragile, he goes on injury reserve if his feelings get hurt. And let’s not even discuss his playoff losses.

    Semian just needs more time to develop and the o-line meds to gel and provide better protection and open holes for the running backs. That will come through coaching and maybe a trade to upgrade the line. Adding a better receiving threat at tight end or the slot would further help balance the offense, which the Broncos just did in a trade with the Pats.

    The Broncos will be fine. don’t forget, Paxton who is not start ready, played on both losses and Kubiak himself, missed a game in one of those losses. I’m sure Semian will remain the starter for the rest of the season and as his confidence grows and the o line gels, the offense will hold its own. No need to go into desperation mode and sign Romo. If they’re were willing to let Brock go, they certainly will pass up on Romo.

  • Kevin Smith

    Denver does NOT need Romo any more than Romo needs Denver. jtology here said it all. Romo doesn’t need this offensive line after all of his broken……well, almost everything. So the first game he starts and a defensive linebacker breaks his other collar bone for him then what happens? Broncos loose money while he spends another 8 weeks oh, geee, that’s like the rest of the season. So Seimian has to finish up anyway. Sooo where did that all get us?
    I doubt Elway is that desperate. Kubiak just needs to keep the team supporting each other and playing tough . I’m sure not that desperate. We do still need to keep that running game going.Hopefully this new tight end will work out. If he isn’t a plant by that sneaky little, good for nothing N.England bunch.

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