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Is Purge Night Real? Killer Clown Killing Spree on Halloween

Is Purge Night Real? Killer Clown Killing Spree on Halloween

There have been reports of Killer Clowns across the USA teaming up to wreck havoc on city streets. Now many are wondering is purge night real?

The trend of killer clowns taking over streets, pranking and scaring people have been spreading like wild fire not only in the United States but in other countries like United Kingdom, Australia and Asian nations too. Scary clowns would hit the streets, running after innocent bystanders, while others would carry weapons to scare people. While most are just tricks and pranks, there have been several cases of crimes reported against these killer clowns.

The fad has many people fearing for a possible Purge night happening soon. Will these killer clowns start a killing spree soon?

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Is Purge Night Real?

“Purge night” originated from the movie series The Purge. The event happens once a year and is capped by a 12-hour timeframe of murdering sprees that are considered legal. Any crimes committed during Purge night are not liable to the law. The movie is also known for its trademark killers dressed in clown costumes.

With the recent trend of killer clown sightings, many have been asking is Purge night real? And if so, when will it happen.

A recent Facebook page has caused alarm on social media after it revealed plans of killer clowns to hold a Purge night before Halloween. The page, now deleted, warned the public to “stay inside, keep all pets inside and keep all doors and windows locked.”

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However, it has already been confirmed that the Purge night spreading online is nothing but fake reports. The hoax is aimed at scaring the public without real basis.

So far, sites like, have also clarified that the reports are false and people have nothing to worry about. It also noted how the police has not been bothered by the reports.

People can now breathe a sigh of relief as Halloween night is free from crazy killer clowns and the purge night.

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