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GTA 5 Mod, DLC Update: Ghost Story Confirmed? Patent Files Revealed

GTA 5 Mod, DLC Update: Ghost Story Confirmed? Patent Files Revealed

Ghosts are abounding when October is up, even in games. It appears Grand Theft Auto 5 may have yet GTA 5 Mod – and it’s all about ghosts.

Take-Two Interactive, the parent of both 2K Games and Rockstar Games, seemed to have filed trademarks for something they call “Ghost Story.”

With the success of Grand Theft Auto 5, it appears it may very well be a GTA 5 Mod. Upon first glance, this will be an interesting take on the crime-riddled world of Los Santos. However, players of Grand Theft Auto Online may use a new GTA 5 Mod add-on.

However, looking at the information further, it seems Ghost Story isn’t a GTA 5 Mod. It may be an entirely new series.


GTA 5 Mod, or new franchise?

No one knows what Ghost Story is about yet. However, files from the US Patent and Trademark Office seems to reveal that it is more than just a Ghost Story. It’s in fact, a multimedia series with things such as video games, a TV series, and even clothing (among others).

If it is a game, Take-Two Interactive’s rather unique approach to stories and gameplay may provide a twist to the ghost story formula. Instead of a usual survival-horror premise, Take-Two may opt for a more action-oriented or comedic approach.

Of course with games such as Left 4 Dead, Dead by Daylight and approaching ones such as Resident Evil 7, just what else is there to twist?

According to IGN, sadly, not much is to be revealed as of now. Hopefully Take-Two Interactive will be revealing more information soon.

Of course, this doesn’t imply that Take-Two is immediately prepping for a game. Sometimes companies file trademarks just in case they need to use the name in the future. For instance, GameSpot said there are trademarks for “Judas” and “GTA TV” but neither are being actually used so far.

But at this point, it may be worth mentioning that Take-Two had also announced that they will have their own “indie program.” Can Ghost Story be part of its program lineup?

Regardless, with a new Red Dead Redemption 2 on the horizon, Take-Two and its children are in for a ride.

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