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Calvin Harris Taylor Swift News: Secretly Dating Again After Tom Hiddleston Break Up!
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Calvin Harris Taylor Swift News: Secretly Dating Again After Tom Hiddleston Break Up!

It’s been a crazy past months for three of the hottest stars in Hollywood, but it doesn’t seem like the roller coaster’s going to end soon for Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. New reports suggest the ex-lovers are rekindling their romance again.

Calvin and Taylor started dating last year and everyone knew their relationship was something special. After going through several relationships and with the whole world looking on with a microscope, it seemed like the Blank Space singer has finally found the right man for him. That is until reports revealed that the two have broken up in June 2016.

It seemed like an amicable break up, that is until Swift and actor Tom Hiddleston’s make out photos surfaced online. Calvin went on fire on Twitter, and the roller coaster began.

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Dating & Break Up

Taylor and Tom started dating in June of this year. Everything went fast for them — meeting each other’s families and even talking about getting married and having kids. However, the relationship was short-lived, and two broke up after three months of dating.

The reason for the break up has not been revealed, however, reports suggest Taylor Swift got pregnant and the Avengers actor was not ready to be a father.

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TayTay has since been seen around New York city, hanging out with her girl squad. As for Hiddleston, reports suggest he has been dating other A-list stars, but nothing has been confirmed.

Now, a new update reveals that Taylor and Calvin are in contact with each other again.

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Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Dating Again?

According to People Magazine, the two are trying to mend things after the bad break up. However, they aren’t looking to get back together. They just want to make sure they’re “cool” with each other since they know they’ll bumping into each other at events at one point or another.

“So if the media sees them in the same place, they won’t start freaking out. They are cool again but absolutely [have] no plans to get back together,” a source revealed, notes Inquistr.

So that settles everything, Swifties. Calvin Harris Taylor Swift aren’t trying to get back together, but they are being civil about their rollercoaster split.

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