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Billy Ocean Dead: Catches Unusual Disease in Africa; Dies in Minutes [Rumors]
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Billy Ocean Dead: Catches Unusual Disease in Africa; Dies in Minutes [Rumors]

Is Billy Ocean dead? Reports surface that the English singer has caught an unusual disease while visiting Africa which caused his untimely death.

Trinidadian-born singer, Ocean, reportedly died during a personal trip to South Africa this month. News stories circulating online reveal that the singer, known for hits like Suddenly, Caribbean Queen, and When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going, “took ill suddenly.”

According to a report by, Ocean was rushed to the hospital on Saturday afternoon but died within minutes. While it was confirmed that the singer developed an illness in the country, the site noted that the “cause of his death is not yet known”.

But are the reports true? Is Billy Ocean dead?

As it turns out, the news are nothing but another round of death hoaxes. Much like reports of Jaden Smith dead, Sylvester Stallone dead and Will Smith dead, Billy Ocean’s death is another effort of fakes sites to gather traffic and clicks from fans.

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The rumor comes from another dummy site,, which seemingly follows after the news site, — an established news source in Africa.

Notably, the fake site noted on its site that it is not “connected to or linked to Times Live” and that readers should not be “deceived.”

“Leave the web site immediately if you have found yourself in the wrong place,” the site noted.

As for the Billy Ocean dead rumors, the singer quickly debunked the talks and defended himself on Twitter.

Celebrity Death Hoax 2016

Aside from the African-English singer, a number of stars have also been reported dead just the past few months. Reports about Will Smith’s son, Jaden, have plagued the Internet for consecutive weeks. Then there were reports about Brad Pitt committing suicide after his divorce with Angelina Jolie. All, however, have been confirmed false.

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While the trend of “killing” stars doesn’t seem like ending any time soon, for Billy Ocean fans, they can breathe a sigh of relief as their idol is still alive and well.

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