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Is Beyonce Dead? Scarily Cuts Herself & Bleeds on Stage #CutforBeyonce
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Is Beyonce Dead? Scarily Cuts Herself & Bleeds on Stage #CutforBeyonce

Is Beyonce dead? The 20- time Grammy award winning singer and songwriter bleeds profusely from accidentally cutting herself  during her Tidal X: 1015 performance.

Fans watched in horror and awe as the power diva continued performing as though nothing happened after she cut her ear from unintentionally ripping her earrings off. The singer brushed aside the incident and proceeded with her song and dance number for her husband Jay-Z’s charity concert in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Saturday night.


Is Beyonce Dead?

Viewers got to witness blood dripping the pop star’s neck and has become a cause for concern that she might have lost too much blood causing the rumors of Beyonce dead.

Fortunately, the singer turned out to be alright after the concert. She was even seen wearing a new set of earrings in the affected left ear at the black carpet following her performance.

Because of her persistence despite the incident, the already well-renowned performer gained new found respect from fans all over the world. Twitter posts have even trended the hashtag #cutforbeyonce where die hard fans started emulating the scene by cutting off their own ears.


However, the less extreme fans who took to Twitter to show their support for the Queen Bey simply showered her with admiration.

Beyonce has yet to offer any statement on the on-going #cutforbeyonce and #bleedforbeyonce trend from her fanbase, the BeyHive.

Though the reactions of fans show how dedicated they are to Beyonce, it is still a cause for concern because of the lengths they are willing to go (e.g self-harm) in order to feel closer to their idol. The incident was clearly an accident and the star did not ask her fans to do such things.

Other than fans cutting their ears, some are even going further by cutting their wrists to bleed for the superstar. These actions can have result to serious problems like infection, loss of blood and even death.

While Beyonce dead rumors are simply speculations, one cannot help but wonder what fans will be willing to do when in fact, the singer passes away.

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