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Handsome Pakistani Chaiwala: Who is He? More Photos Here!
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Handsome Pakistani Chaiwala: Who is He? More Photos Here!

A new heartthrob is taking the internet by storm and this time it’s a handsome Pakistani chaiwala, who might still be oblivious of his popularity all over the world.

The term chaiwala originated in Northern India and is until the present is an expression usually used only in that area of the world until made popular recently by a photo of a handsome Pakistani chaiwala.

Chaiwalas are people who prepare and serve tea on the streets. Chai means tea, while wallah means someone who sells something. It is widely popular in India but is also a custom adapted in other countries such as Pakistan. The tea served are usually a mixture of tea, milk, and water.

Just a few days ago, the internet started raving about a photo posted on Instagram by an Islamabad-based photographer, Jiah Ali, of a very handsome Pakistani chaiwala preparing tea.

Ali photographs striking portraits of people on the streets but sometimes takes photos of food and travel as well. However, she did not expect such response from the internet when she shared a photo of a tall, slender man with striking blue eyes and broad shoulders.

According to Buzzfeed, the photographer had difficulty taking the photo of the Pakistani hottie.

“My first two shots were of him looking down concentrated on his chai, but I was lucky enough to capture the viral shot in the seconds he looked at me for. He shied away, smiling, as soon as he saw me,” she said.

Who is this Handsome Pakistani Chaiwala?

The subject of the photo’s identity is still unknown but some are already on their way to stalking whatever they can possibly find out about the young man.

Ali has yet to inform her oblivious model about what has been happening on the internet lately, but we’re betting someone has already informed him about it. After all, he has been the top trending topic on Twitter in Pakistan.

Some users are even relating the hottie to the tension of unrest in the area asking for peace while others are comparing it to India’s men.





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