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Titanfall 2 Release Date, PS4 Trailer: Gameplay for Single Player Mode Revealed [WATCH]
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Titanfall 2 Release Date, PS4 Trailer: Gameplay for Single Player Mode Revealed [WATCH]

The age of robots is here. Respawn Entertainment reveals more of its robot-pilot action with its recent Titanfall 2 footage. The game’s story will have a major focus on artificial intelligence.

Respawn Entertainment already introduced an innovation in FPS with Titanfall. The game was able to generate positive reviews for its unique take on robot-pilot action sans a single-player mode. Now Titanfall 2 wants to be a better version of its predecessor with its new features.

According to Respawn Entertainment, the single-player campaign will set a new high on science fiction stories.

The developers already gave a tease on the story of the game. Its cinematic trailer revealed a new cast of characters and a delightful story between a soldier and a Titan that “chose” him. Titanfall 2 takes place five years after the first game.

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Apparently, the Militia retook a quarter of the galaxy from the IMC. However, IMC mercs such as Blisk and alien races appear to become another threat in the galaxy. The player, Jack, and his Titan BT will have to survive these threats on an alien planet.

Respawn Entertainment teased a bright contrast between the two characters. Jack is lighthearted, adventurous and sarcastic. Meanwhile, BT being the automaton is protective and literal. Titanfall 2 also introduces a conversation system that allows them to choose how Jack responds.

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More multiplayer options

This means the player will have an active role not just in the story’s direction, but in BT’s growth. It is known that BT is a hybrid Titan. This means he can switch between “classifications” depending on Jack’s needs. Players will be delighted in knowing that they have a say on how they will partake in the game’s combat.

Regardless, RespawnEntertainmentt promises an immersive story to back its already-massive multiplayer options.

Players can for instance alternate between Titan “classes” depending on their playing needs. They can choose from the adept and quick Ronin to the massive Atlas. Pilots themselves have classifications which players can choose from. Aside from that, fans can also modify its weapons, special abilities, as well as “special” kits.

Titanfall 2 will have a PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release on October 28.

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