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Eminem New Album ‘Roots’ Release Date on Dec 2016? Jay Z, Dr Dre Collab Confirmed
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Eminem New Album ‘Roots’ Release Date on Dec 2016? Jay Z, Dr Dre Collab Confirmed

Slim Shady fans might be the most patient and hopeful bunch for keeping positive about an Eminem new album in the works despite no confirmation from the rap good to date.

It has been three years since Eminem released a new album and speculations of the legendary rapper’s new album has been going on for quite some time now, and yet the artist still has not released or hinted directly of a new album coming up anytime soon.

However, as always, there are rumors that the Eminem new album will be released December this year entitled Roots.

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According to a Reddit post, Roots will have 13 tracks including titles such as Stan 3 and I’m Back… again. The post also said that the album will be a Grammy-studded one with collaborations with iconic rappers Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and singers Pink, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Sia.

Some reports even say that there will be a collaboration again with Skylar Grey, who has recently worked with Slim shady for her single Kill For You.

Eminem New Album on December 2016?

Unfortunately, the rap god himself has not been showing signs of a new album in the works. In fact, Eminem has been quite low-key during the past three years.

The hip-hop legend has been busy, however, with other projects such as shirt collaborations and movies as well as working with deserving youth to help them express themselves freely musically.

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Despite the quiet and the long wait for the album, his fans continue to support him and his projects such as fostering artists in his record label, Shady Records.

One can say that the former nobody who was discovered and nurtured by Dr. Dre is giving back by nurturing new names that he believes in.

Though an Eminem new album most likely would not be coming out anytime this year, fans remain hopeful that the album released three years ago would not be his last.

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