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Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift News: Split Cause She’s Pregnant? Freezes her Eggs

Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift News: Split Cause She’s Pregnant? Freezes her Eggs

It’s been months since the Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift break up, but news about the ex-couple still won’t die. New rumors reveal that TS had buns in her oven which caused the split.

Taylor and Tom called it quits last September after a media-crazy relationship. Many questioned the true reason behind the split, given how much in-love they looked together. Especially since they were both criticized for dating — he was too old for her; she’s dating a new man again; she got over Calvin too quickly. However, now it seems the truth has finally been revealed.

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Taylor Swift Pregnant with Tom Hiddleston?

New speculations hint that Taylor Swift got pregnant and baby-daddy Tom didn’t want anything to do with it. This caused the Grammy-award winner to get rid of the baby and end the relationship. Could this also be the reason why she’s freezing her eggs?

A report from Life & Style claims that Swift is planning to reserve some of her cells because she’s afraid she might not have a baby when the right man finally comes.

“After a string of failed relationships, Taylor’s told friends she’s looking into freezing her eggs,” a source said, notes Ace Showbiz.

“By freezing her eggs, she feels like she can relax about finding the right man, and stop jumping from relationship to relationship.”

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Well, all these seem to be just false news. Taylor is far from pregnant as she continues to tour the world, performing in the biggest arenas. Paparazzi have also snapped her going out with friends since the split, sans a big bump or a sad face.

U ok bro?

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

As for her freezing her eggs — the crazy report has been debunked by Gossip Cop, saying the reports are far from  the truth. Even though Taylor has been in a whirlwind of relationships since she was 15, it doesn’t seem like she’s in a hurry to settle down or to have a baby. At 26 years old, she still has all the time in the world to have a family.

So that settles it, Swifties. Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift are not expecting a baby and she’s freezing no eggs. She, however, might be planning on a new album. Who knows?

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  • flying777


  • avalon

    Whirlwind of relationships? Are you kidding me? Swift has dated 7 men since she was 17. Five of them during what would have been her college years which is much less than the average 20 something. Swift didn’t date anyone for 2 years after Harry Styles. She dated Calvin Harris for over a year. And OMG she had a summer fling with Tom at 26.
    And you just accused her of getting an abortion with zero proof! That is the definition of SLANDER! Bottom feeding gossips are no only delusional liars but really despicable human beings!!

  • Kai

    Tom really needs to start suing you yellow journalists for libel and slander. And you need to stop letting stupid phannis write your articles. So shameful. Stop insulting these two. Let it GO!

    And to the other comments, why in the world do you know so much about her dating habits? Get a life and stop believing everything you read or see. It’s all scripted.