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GTA 6 Release Date News: PSVR Version Confirmed? Life-Like Theft!
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GTA 6 Release Date News: PSVR Version Confirmed? Life-Like Theft!

Grand Theft Auto fans are basking in the glory of GTA Online. However, this does not mean they are not in the mood for more GTA 6 release date news.

Players and critics are sure of the stellar success of Grand Theft Auto 5. After all, the immense world of Los Santos has the sheer hilarity (and realism) of heists in the game. These factors and the story were well-received. This paved the way to the hit GTA Online. This is where Los Santos is transformed into a haven where players can enjoy the glory of the open world together.

Rockstar Games already announced that they are not focusing on divulging more about  GTA 6 release date. This is because they want to work on GTA 5 and its other updates. However, it seems the multi-million budget needed for the sequel is hindering the company.

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It already cost around $265-million to develop GTA 5, which means the GTA 6 release date will move depending on the gravity of the next budget.

According to Neurogadget, if rumors are true, then GTA 6 will also have virtual reality and augmented reality support. This means it will take more than a few years to get a conclusive GTA 6 release date.

However, there is hope if we look at the profits.

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Bigger earner than GTA 5?

GTA 5 has already generated $800-million in profit in just 24-hours of its release. However, of course much of this revenue may be spent on DLCs and post-game content. However, given the clamor for a GTA 6 release date, the game may still have a strong fanbase.

Rockstar Games also has a lot of things to explore. If GTA 6 will keep a large map, this means they can make a map larger than the maps of GTA 3 and GTA 5 combined. Fans will be ecstatic for a GTA 6 release date if there’s a female protagonist as well.

Rumors point towards a 2018 launch. This is because there is usually a five-year gap between Rockstar Games’ hit titles. However, equal rumors also point towards a 2020 release. Regardless, Rockstar Games has not given a response to these queries.

According to Valuewalk, should the PlayStation VR be a massive success, GTA 6 may opt for VR capabilities. However, this may also prolong a GTA 6 release date. Regardless, the trends in technology and gaming consoles may point towards the next launch of GTA.

After all, both Sony and Microsoft are still competing over “new” console systems. Perhaps Rockstar Games is still waiting for their release.

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