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WWE 2K17 Review Roster DLC: How to Get Goldberg?
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WWE 2K17 Review Roster DLC: How to Get Goldberg?

Wrestling fans were more than excited to hear about the arrival of Goldberg in WWE 2K17. In this WWE 2K17 review, the WCW legend and two-time World Champion will make his way as a pre-order exclusive for the game.

However, those that pre-ordered the World Champ couldn’t seem to find him anywhere in their downloads. For those answering, this WWE 2K17 review may help you find the elusive legend.

Fans of the wrestling champ took to forums their qualms about the missing Goldberg despite their downloads. According to GameFAQs, users such as MVP_DRIGO could not seem to find Goldberg on their roster. However, some offered numerous tips that we can try to finally bring light to the hidden champ.

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A case of talking

Another GameFAQs thread advised numerous methods to players that may bring Goldberg to their roster. Per this WWE 2K17 review, most involve tinkering with the game, while others may need some heavy-duty talking.

Players can look at the Downloads area of the game and see “Waiting to Install” along Goldberg. This means players have to download and install the world champ’s data manually.

PlayStation 4 players can go to the Download List on the PlayStation Store and download  Goldberg manually to their consoles. Xbox One players may also find the Goldberg Pack in the Manage Game segment of their Games section.

Other players that pre-ordered the pack in retailers such as Amazon got the code in an e-mail. Other more persistent fans can even manually e-mail and call Amazon support to get their codes as well.

Sadly, as we conclude this WWE 2K17 review, none of these methods are a surefire method to get Goldberg to work, so the game may offer a fix for this.

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A legend in your console

According to WWE, Goldberg will join the likes of Sting, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Ultimate Warrior as WWE Hall of Famers for the game. Goldberg even said it was an honor to be included in the game’s roster.

The World Champ will come to the game in two versions, as well as two iconic venues. Both iterations of Goldberg will be playable – one during his WWE tenure, the other is his time in WCW. Players who also pre-ordered Goldberg will be able to access WCW Monday Nitro as well as the WCW Halloween Havoc. Wrestling fans will recall this was where Goldberg remade the image of sports entertainment.

Goldberg last competed at WrestleMania XX back in 2004. However, he does have a hulking 173-winning streak that started his WCW career. He even had a showdown with the Rock, Triple H and Brock Lesnar to make him remembered by fans.

The champion remains the master of the Spear, a world-renowned maneuver that is used by other Hall of Famers, and even World Heavyweight Champ Roman Reigns.

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