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Pokemon Go Update Tips on Catch Bonuses, Gym Training: Everything You Need to Know!

Pokemon Go Update Tips on Catch Bonuses, Gym Training: Everything You Need to Know!

Pokemon trainers are now able to gather capture bonuses and conduct team battles in the newest Pokemon Go update. But the question remains: Can this get Pokemon Go back in the hype train?

The newest update for the game brings about tons of new features for players. Minor factors were the decrease in evolution animation, some bugs, and audio issues. Those annoyed by the lack of continuous change in mileage over incubators will be relieved as well.

However, players were “wowed” over the new gym and capture mechanics.

According to Pokemon Go Livethe new Pokemon Go update allows trainers to earn bonus experience for capturing multiple Pokemon of the same type. A new game mode also allows players to bring multiple Pokemon in gym battles.

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A new way to be the very best

Trainers are now able to earn bonus experience if they catch Pokemon of the same type. This means the wild supply of Rattatas and Pidgeys around the globe will finally have a use.

According to Game Rant, gym training also meets a revamp in the Pokemon Go update. A new “beta” mechanic allows trainers to bring six Pokemon in a gym battle. This is similar to the combat mechanic of the original Pokemon games. However, CP of Pokemon are decreased temporarily in this manner because this is a test phase.

Regardless, this Pokemon Go update can become a new way to level up their gyms faster for their faction.

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Animation junkies will also delight in the improvements towards egg incubation. Players can now see periodical updates in the distance they walk in order to hatch their eggs. Previous versions of the game required players to open and close the screen to see the updates.

Although these may not be the Pokemon Go updates players are looking for, the constant improvements are sure to bring players back. However, players are still wondering when PvP and trading will arrive in the game.

Pokemon Go had a successful July 6 release for iOS and Android devices. The game remained at the top of online stores and gathered a steady fanbase. However, pressing issues on gameplay forced fans to leave the game. Regardless, Pokemon Go still manages to pull in $2-million daily.

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