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Tristan Thompson Khloe Dating Causing Cavaliers Roster Problems?

Tristan Thompson Khloe Dating Causing Cavaliers Roster Problems?

Tristan Thompson is probably one of the buzziest players in the current Cavaliers roster and is mainly because of his off-court issues. Is his relationship with Khloe Kardashian already causing rifts within the team?

Tristan Thompson Khloe Kardashian have been reportedly dating for some time now, with paparazzi seeing them together often over the summer. However, the two-month-old relationship seems to be hitting a brick wall as reports reveal the Cavaliers power forward’s ex, Jordy C, is pregnant with his child. Many think this update could mean the end for Tristan and Khloe.

“Tristan told Khloé about the baby,” a source told Us Weekly, adding “He’s happy about it.”

However, it seems Khloe isn’t affected by the reports and is still spending time with his beau. The reality star was at the sidelines, cheering Thompson on during his preseason game with the Cavaliers last Saturday. She even posted a few Snapchats detailing her courtside antics.

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The source also added that KK is not allowing negative energy get in the way of her happiness. Since she and the NBA star are “having fun”, it seems Khloe is not minding all the reports and the fact that his boyfriend is now a father-to-be

“Khloé’s having fun with him right now and just doesn’t want any drama,” the source added.

Thompson Love Life Affecting the Cavaliers Roster?

While it doesn’t seem like Tristan and Khloe are affected by all the drama, his team might be taking a hit already. Rumors suggest that all the buzz is affecting the locker room vibe and even the play of the Cleveland Cavaliers already.

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The game Kardashian saw live last Saturday was against the Philadelphia 76ers, a bottom dweller last season. However, the game was a nail biter for the defending champions as they barely squeezed past the Sixers, 108-105. Thompson did not play as he was nursing an injury, making it harder for the team to get rebounds. Many fans are now thinking that Khloe may be a jinx for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Could this be true?

This is unlikely. But then again, if the trend continues for the NBA Champions, he may want to consider the Tristan Thompson Khloe love affair.

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