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WWE Raw 2016: Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Confirmed! Fight Scheduled for Next Week
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WWE Raw 2016: Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Confirmed! Fight Scheduled for Next Week

Paul Heyman made an appearance on WWE Raw 2016 tonight, and it seems he’s announced what everyone is clamoring for — a Goldberg return!

Brock Lesnar’s hypeman is expected to make an important announcement tonight after it was confirmed that he will be at tonight’s Raw episode. According to Wrestling Inc, Heyman’s appearance may mean the revelation of The Beast Incarnate’s next opponent.

“Will the audacious associate of The Beast Incarnate reveal Lesnar’s next move, or perhaps his next opponent? There’s been rampant speculation on social media about when The Anomaly will re-emerge and who will face his wrath. Tonight, we just might get an answer.”

As if to confirm what everyone’s speculation is,’s headline revealed that Heyman is indeed sending out a “huge challenge” to none other than, Goldberg!

paul heyman

Goldberg Returns to WWE

There have been on going talks about the fighter making a return to the wrestling world! A recent interview with Goldberg revealed that he still wants to make a comeback at the ripe age of 49. Notably, he revealed that should he return, he’d like to face Brock Lesnar.

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“I would be remiss in saying that I don’t owe Brock Lesnar a rematch,” Goldberg revealed.

“I think if I ever came back that would be the match. I’d have to work my ass off to get ready for it. … Brock is like a superhero alien. Big, strong, fast and mean.”

And it seems the wresting gods have heard Goldberg, and he is about to face Brock soon.

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar

WWE fans have been clamoring for Goldberg to return to the WWE and all the more after he became one of the faces of the WWE 2K17 game. Touring the US to promote the game, many have been asking about his possible return at Wrestlemania 33. But it seems it would be earlier than that!

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After Heyman challenged The Anomaly at WWE Raw 2016, the wrestler himself tweeted that he is booking a flight to next week’s Raw episode!

The Golberg return definitely makes the WWE more exciting!

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