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The Voice 2016 Judges: Gavin Rossdale, Miranda Lambert Join as Coaches? Blake Shelton Wants Out

The Voice 2016 Judges: Gavin Rossdale, Miranda Lambert Join as Coaches? Blake Shelton Wants Out

The Voice 2016 judges’ personal lives has always been on the spotlight and long-time judge Blake Shelton’s is no exception.

The country singer is far from private when it comes to his love life and is not hesitant to show his affection publicly, and even on television, for former co-judge Gwen Stefani.

Season 9 of The Voice witnessed all the PDA the two lovebirds had, from playful teasing to holding hands and hugging and fans love it. Since the start of the season, the two newly single judges have been teasing each other and its no surprise to viewers that the two has sparked a love interest, which until now is stronger than ever, shared a Hollywood Life source.

“Blake (Shelton) and Gwen (Stefani) are a very strong couple, all is going really well between the two,”

The news that Gwen Stefani will not be part of The Voice 2016 judges saddened Blake Shelton, seeing how close the two of them are, he knows that it will be difficult to be away from her.

But Hollywood Life shares that the time away from each other is actually doing both of them well and their relationship has gotten stronger. “They definitely have had a absence makes the heart grow fonder vibe. It was great to be together for the start of the relationship, they worked so well together, then having some distance has helped the relationship even more. It is as if all things are going perfect,” shared the site’s source.

The Voice 2016: Miranda Lambert, Gavin Rossdale Joins As Judges?

However, rumors don’t stop plaguing the couple– from Blake Shelton’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert joining as a judge to pregnancy and marriage rumors of the couple.

Gwen-Blake supporters can rest easy as Miranda Lambert is not planning to join as a judge on The Voice anytime soon. The country singer is busy with her upcoming album,  The Weight of these Wings.

However, Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani ex-husband of 13 years is confirmed to be joining as a judge but not with The Voice 2016 judges. The singer is joining Jennifer Hudson, and Sir Tom Jones in The Voice UK.

The Bush lead singer expressed his excitement to be part of The Voice UK, saying “I’m so thrilled to be joining The Voice UK. I’ve always been extremely proud to fly the flag for British rock music and I can’t wait to join this incredible panel and help discover some new talent.”


Neither Gwen Stefani or Blake Shelton made any statement about the recent whereabouts and activities of their exes. Suffice to say, the two are happy together and their relationship, peaceful– for now.

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