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Spongebob Cancelled! 7 Best Episodes Before it Says Goodbye!
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Spongebob Cancelled! 7 Best Episodes Before it Says Goodbye!

Rumors have been circulating around the Internet of the cartoon series Spongebob cancelled future episodes and that the well-loved children’s cartoon is finally ending on October 17, 2016.

The still widely popular series, Spongebob Squarepants is a household staple loved by both the current generation of kids and those who grew up with it. Since its inception in 1999, the misadventures of a sponge and his starfish friend living under the sea has brought laughter to all walks of life. 17 years later, the series created by Stephen Hillenburg, is still capturing hearts.

So when the news of Spongebob cancelled surfaced the internet, fans of all ages were naturally heartbroken. Some even took to social media to share their grievances.

According to Snopes,  an image of Spongebob cancelled went viral just this month saying that the cartoon has been cancelled effective October 17. Despite not having credible news agencies back up the claim, people still reacted to the rumored news.

Fortunately, the claims that Spongebob cancelled is false and Nickelodeon has been trying to respond to as much social media comments they can to announce that the network is still working on more episodes.


A similar news that Spongebob cancelled surfaced online late 2013 that was quickly debunked by Nickelodeon saying, “We’ve got new episodes in 2014 and the movie coming out 2015.”

7 Best Spongebob Moments Ever:

If in fact, the series bids its final farewell, let us look back to some of the best moments in Bikini Bottom with our favorite sponge:

  1. Patrick: “Because you told me to,” moment was so typical of the starfish. While Spongebob’s motivation was for the pride of Krusty Krab, Patrick’s was well, nothing really.

2. “Sounds like a lot of HOOPLAAAAA!” This episode is going to make you go crazy with 10 minutes of the same scene repeating, it surely is a Spongebob staple.

3. Another Patrick favorite is this episode where the starfish got so frustrated with the fact that he cannot see his forehead.

4. Well, this one’s pretty harsh. Imagine being so ugly, someone can actually die because of it. Yikes! But still, we can’t help but agree that it’s pretty funny.

5.  The rules of the language are bent here, thanks to Patrick. But if you’re not so good at starting conversations, maybe you can learn a thing or two from him.

6. Do you know what the word Wumbo means? If not, then watch this episode!

7. Imagine talking to a fast food delivery like this! Oh my god!


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