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Android 7 Samsung Download: How to Update S7, Note 5 to 7.0 Nougat?
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Android 7 Samsung Download: How to Update S7, Note 5 to 7.0 Nougat?

Google’s newest Nougat is ready to dominate one of the world’s most leading smartphone brands. Users can now indulge in Android 7 Samsung phones with the Nougat OS.

While Google did manage to roll out its Pixel and Pixel XL, the conglomerate did not seem to forget relations with South Korean tech giant Samsung. The Android 7 Samsung smartphones seem to be ready to dominate the market once again.

Smartphone companies worldwide are starting to get their compatibility straight for the Nougat OS. According to HNGN, Sony, Lenovo and Motorola are just a few of Android-compatible smartphone brands that are getting ready for the shift.

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Samsung devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and its variants (S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus), Galaxy S7 and its variants (S7 Edge), Galaxy Note 5 and the ill-fortuned Galaxy Note 7 are all ready to become Android 7 Samsung smartphones.

The list states all recent Samsung devices except the Note 4 and the Note Edge devices. This means owners of these devices will not be able to make the update. Regardless, carriers such as AT&T and US Cellular have already equipped the phones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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Download and installation

According to Tech Radar, installing the newest update is exactly like installing previous updates. Users are advised to backup their devices first before proceeding. This is especially for those who are picky with features that updates have.

Users can also backup by plugging their devices into a PC and copy their folders as well.

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First, users must check if their devices are ready for the update. The update is not out for all devices as these may take weeks. However, devices that can install the update will be given a notification immediately.

However, there are options to force the update itself. Nexus phones can sign up to the Android Beta program which will allow them to download the Nougat upgrade immediately.

Sadly, there are no direct downloads available.

But! If you managed to download the update successfully (either via Android Beta or usual update), you can transform your phone into an Android 7 Samsung device. You have to make sure you are securely connected to Wi-Fi and have a lot of battery left. In fact, it’s advised to plug your phone just in case.

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