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WWE News: Donald Trump vs The Undertaker Before US Elections 2016
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WWE News: Donald Trump vs The Undertaker Before US Elections 2016

Donald Trump is the hottest subject all across the United States right now. Most conversations revolve around his new distressing video about his wife and the women he’s been with. With millions of americans hating on him right now, a visit to the WWE stage again may be in the cards for him to grow popularity again.

In less than a month the US Elections 2016 will take place, with Trump taking the lead for the Republican party. Although it seemed he was getting enough traction in the race, recent events have turned the tide for the billionaire. A recently released video showing Trump talking extremely indecent things about his wife and the women he’s with was released online, causing major backlash on him.

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The past debates haven’t been working in his favor either, making him look incapable of leading the country. So what will help Trump get back on track just weeks before the US Elections? A possible WWE comeback!

Donald Trump WWE History

Trump and the WWE have a good relationship. That is not to say the network supports his presidential candidacy, but the Republican has been a constant guest in WWE episodes and events.

He has been featured in Wrestlemania 23 where he pounced on Vince McMahon. With his hair on the line, Donald signed Bobby Lashley to fight for him. In surprising turn of events, Trump won and Vince had his hair shaved.

He was also inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013, which is an interesting feat for the billionaire. The induction is mainly due to his longstanding feud with WWE GM, Vince McMahon.

Should Mr Trump return to the squared ring, it will definitely not be new to him nor will fans be surprised to see him back. However, it will be interesting enough to rake in high ratings given his current presidential campaign.

The Undertaker vs Donald Trump

With reports suggesting The Undertaker return to WWE this year, the best opponent for him right now would be Donald. The Dead Man’s comeback has been awaited by WWE fans for months now, and with the network seeing a fall in ratings, bringing him back would be the most logical thing for them.

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As for Trump, a WWE return would be publicity for him. If the storyline is played just right, he might even get voters on his side.

Will a The Undertaker vs Donald Trump WWE match happen soon? You’ll have to stay tuned for updates!

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