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Final Fantasy XV PC Release Set for November 2017? Hajime Tabata Confirms One More Year
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Final Fantasy XV PC Release Set for November 2017? Hajime Tabata Confirms One More Year

It appears our adventures with Noctis in the PC would have to wait. A recent interview with Hajime Tabata confirmed a PC release for Final Fantasy XV, but we might have to wait for 2017.

Fans are aware that the much-awaited Final Fantasy XV will be having an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release next month. However, PC players are left in the dark with an unconfirmed release date.

Thankfully, Final Fantasy ports inside Steam and other juicy statements hint toward a PC port – but when? Game director Hajime Tabata may hint towards a 2017 release.

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According to WCCFTech, an interview with Tabata confirmed a development time of more than a year. Tabata told Spanish website Vida Extra that hypothetically speaking, porting the game in the PC would take a while to do.

He explained they will have to adapt the engine for the PC first, as he wants to make a “better” version of the game for the players. Tabata also said the team is hard at work to support newer consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One S.

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Players were afraid Square Enix was going to scrap a PC port after the absence of updates. However, this recent interview will definitely shed a new light on the situation. Tech-savvy fans are aware the game’s graphics and new combat system may find home in high-end PCs. However, Tabata is still silent as to whether or not development has begun.

Tabata said on a juicier twist that a Final Fantasy XV DLC for the PlayStation VR is on its way as well.

Final Fantasy XV: Waiting has perks

According to Game Rant, Tabata did admit that the much-awaited game was not designed for the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, they made sure the game will be able to adapt to newer consoles.

The Final Fantasy XV demo at E3 last June was simply a “demo.” Tabata and the team wanted an entirely playable VR DLC for virtual reality devices.

Regardless, the delays in the game’s release seem to have good effect towards the game’s reception. Recent footage showed very clear improvements in terms of the game’s graphics.

However, the lack of news about a PC port and these DLC hints are helping maintain the game’s status as one of the most-awaited games for 2016. Players are looking forward to see how Final Fantasy XV will change the way we “look” at JRPGs.

Final Fantasy XV will have a November 29 release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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