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Doctor Who Season 10 Actor Dead? John Barrowman Shot at Palm Springs Shooting
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Doctor Who Season 10 Actor Dead? John Barrowman Shot at Palm Springs Shooting

On Saturday, two police officers were shot dead in Palm Springs, houses away from the residence of Doctor Who season 10 actor John Barrowman and his husband Scott Hill.

News reports confirm that the shooting happened October 8, after the police responded to a house disturbance in Palm Springs. Two police officers, Jose Vega and Lesley Zerebny, has been shot dead and a third officer injured.

Palm Springs police chief Bryan Reyes said that the officers were killed after the man they spoke with suddenly pulled a gun and shot them. The suspect was 26-year old gang member John Felix, who was previously arrested in 2009 and 2006 for failed murder in the same residence.

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According to a Desert Sun report, “Felix allegedly shot the three police officers through the closed door of his house, then barricaded himself in his house and exchanged even more gunfire with officers who responded to the initial shooting.”

Doctor Who Season 10 Actor John Barrowman Dead?

The experience was more than traumatizing for the residents of the usually very peaceful town. Doctor Who season 10 actor John Barrowman, who lived in the area, took to Twitter to share the horrific experience that happened only 200-300 yards away from his home.

“It’s literally 200 yards from our house and the police helicopters are circling,” Barrowman shared.

Fortunately, the actor is safe in his home and is obviously alive. He further shares that the entire neighborhood including the stores in the area is in shutdown and the entire vicinity is covered with police.

Following the first tweet about the shooting, the Doctor Who season 10 star continued re-tweeting posts related to the incident. After the police shutdown has been lifted, Barrowman posted a tweet on paying homage to the two cops whose lives were taken during the incident.

Barrowman was not the only resident traumatized by the sudden shooting. The Guardian shares statements from one of the residents Heidi Thompson who said that she has never seen anything so vicious or cruel.

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“I don’t even remember anything so vicious and cruel,” said Palm Springs resident Heidi Thompson. “These officers are responding to a domestic call for somebody in need that they don’t even know. They put their life on the line for us, the community. And they get gunned down? I don’t understand it.”

After the 12-hour nightmare in Palm Springs, there is quiet in the neighborhood but the trauma that such violence can happen anywhere at anytime is a constant reminder for everyone to be extra careful and wary of their choices.

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