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Battlefield 1 Beta Gameplay: Complete Weapons Details List
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Battlefield 1 Beta Gameplay: Complete Weapons Details List

Fans are more than ready to jump back into the Great War with Battlefield 1. However, developer DICE seems to be more than ready to equip us with the right firepower for the job.

Leaked data from the game revealed various customization options for weapons in the historic shooter. As with other Battlefield iterations, it seems Battlefield 1 is staying true to its weapons game. However, are fans going to love it?

Battlefield games are popular with its historic pretense. While its main story remains fictional, developers try to stay true to the game’s historical background. However, players are excited to see how Battlefield 1 takes this formula with its release this year.

Battlefield 1 is set in World War I as told from the perspectives of different characters. However, players are at first surprised with the non-linear approach, but DICE explained there are just too much to cover and so little space with one character. Hence, the game opted for multiple characters.

Regardless, DICE will not let us dwell into the story without the proper weapons. According to Gaming Bolt, redditors CodeSanta and krzgui have released datamined weapon options in the game. Of course, these are still subject to change given they are taken from early builds.

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A wide arsenal for the Great War fan

Much of the leaked attachments and customization options will be familiar to fans of warfare and weapons. According to the leak, there will be more than three ways to customize weapons. However, this is good news for customization junkies who want to have a unique experience in the game, especially in multiplayer.

Underbarrel Attachments: These are attachments located, as properly named, under the barrel. These are special options that allow players to improve certain aspects of their accuracy or rate of fire.

  • No Attachment improves mobility
  • Bipod automatically activates when prone, standing behind cover or when you peek over cover.
  • Foregrip improves your hip-fire accuracy.
  • Pistol Grip and Palm Rest improves the accuracy of your weapon while you’re on the move.
  • Bayonet remains to be a fan-favorite. It allows you to charge, but it does make it longer to fire after each lunge.

Rear Weapon Attachments: These are attachments located behind the weapon, and improves certain aspects of your weapons handling.

  • Rear Monopod or Cheek Riser increases the stablilization duration of guns.
  • Straight-pull can only be placed on bolt-action riles and increases its rate of fire.
  • Recoil Pad or Butt Plate will improve handling and Iron Sight.
  • Barrel Cover can only be used on LMGs and reduces overheating.
  • Burst Trigger will allow you to burst-fire with weapons.

Ready-made War Machines

Barrel Attachments and Replacements: These are placed (or replaces) on your barrel. However, not only does this add aesthetics, but this affects accuracy.

  • Flash Hider or Compensator will reduce the recoil of the first shot.
  • Heavy Barrel or the Long Barrel will increase your accuracy.
  • Short Barrel will reduce your time to wait to shoot after sprinting, but it does have the worse accuracy.
  • Full Choke will improve your shotgun range.
  • Spreader Choke will improve the saturation area of your shots.
  • Duckbill Choke is not yet detailed but is probably similar to the addition of the same name in Battlefield 4.

Sights and sight reticules are a variety of scope sights that can benefit snipers and players seeking for more accuracy than hard hits. However, these also add aesthetic to the reticule of players.

  • Shotgun Rib
  • Lattey Lens
  • Lens Sight System
  • MG Scope
  • Radium Sights
  • Peep Sight
  • Telescopic Sight
  • Aperture Sight
  • Rib Sight
  • Buckhorn Sight
  • AA Sight
  • Beam Reticle
  • Chevron Reticle
  • Ring Reticle
  • Dot Reticle
  • Cross Reticle

Ammunition Variants: As the name implies, these offer you various ways to give hell to your opponents. However, it seems there are more to the ammunitions than meets the eye.

  • Buck is not much detailed, but it seems to be the default bullet type.
  • Smaller Buck damages increase when in close range, and the damage drops quicker than normal bucks.
  • Slug is a solid bullet that can deal massive damage.
  • Low Recoil Shells are not described within the game.
  • Armor Piercing Bullets are not described within the game.
  • Flat Trajectory Sniper Bullet will trade damage for accuracy.

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All-Set for the Great War

However, Extendo Magazines are not widely described in the leak, as are attachments for Vehicle Operators. Fortunately, fans may hope to find more about these soon.

However, it seems Battlefield 1 will also offer “sets” or weapon kits for players who are more oriented to pre-made gear. This means the game will have “recommended” combinations of weapons and armor. These include:

  • Sniper Package
  • Trench Package
  • Accuracy Package
  • Burst Package
  • Stability Package
  • Slug Package
  • Buckshot Package
  • Trench Package
  • Suppressor Package
  • Handling Package
  • Defense Package
  • Range Package
  • Sapper Package
  • Patrol Packag
  • Stealth Package
  • Carbine Package
  • Extended Magazine Package
  • Bipod Package
  • Automatic Fire Package
  • Choke Package
  • Sweeper Package

However, while the game does offer a ton of customization options, this means players will have a harder time predicting the moves of their opponents. Battlefield 1 will not afford players the opportunity to exploit common moves and combinations. However, this gives players more fun time to experiment in multiplayer.

Battlefield 1 will hit shelves on October 21 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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