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Attack on Titan Game for iOS, Android on December 2016! Details Here

Attack on Titan Game for iOS, Android on December 2016! Details Here

If you are as angry towards Titans as Eren Jaeger, then you’re in luck. Funimation, NGames Interactive Ltd. and GameSamba are all set to make an Attack on Titan game to be released this 2016.

The game and animation companies will be working with Kodansha to develop the mobile game based on the hit anime and manga series. Apparently, if all goes well, the game will meet an end-of-year release this December.

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According to Funimation, the Attack on Titan game will be action-driven. The mobile game will be a combination of running and action games. The Attack on Titan game will try to replicate the intensity of battles in the series. Players have to use planning and quick reactions to survive the titan onslaught.

Meanwhile, per Kotaku, players will be using the same arsenal of weapons the protagonists in the series use in their battle against the Titans. This means players will have a chance to use “vertical maneuvering” and special blades to cut the nape of the Titans.

Agility for a Helpless Battle

Fans will remember that Eren Jaeger and his friends are part of the Recon Corps. This is a group of soldiers tasked to scout the lands outside the historic “Three Walls.”

Recent attacks on Humanity’s last haven encouraged them to find safe territory from the Titans. Their exploits and adventures are met with gruesome encounters with the Titans. However, it’s up to their 3D Maneuver Gear to help them.

This technology allows them to “clip” in various vertical structures to “zoom” them in various directions. The technology will help these soldiers, and players, traverse the environment around the colossal titans.

Unfortunately, the Titans themselves are too strong to handle and often manage to kill some of Eren’s friends. This intensity will provide players enough room to fight Titans but also run for their life most of the time.

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Initial fanfare over the game allowed players to “latch” the wires on certain buildings. This builds on the gameplay of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but the mobile game does a better job.

Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga said the heavy popularity of the franchise has enabled them to make the much-awaited game come to life.

Attack on Titan currently has sold more than 50 million copies of the manga. The series has spawned a 25-episode anime adaptation, as well as two live-action films.

GameSamba and NGames will also be in charge of making Fairy Tail and Tokyo Ghoul games, both of which are other popular anime from Funimation.

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