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Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Gameplay: Edward Snowden Plot Confirmed in Game; Big Data, Profiling & More!

Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Gameplay: Edward Snowden Plot Confirmed in Game; Big Data, Profiling & More!

Watch Dogs fans will be thrilled as Ubisoft teases an intense hacktivist conspiracy around the plot of Watch Dogs 2. Apparently, when the first game tackled surveillance, this time our heroes will handle big data.

According to a Venture Beat interview, Ubisoft is clearly fusing real-life hacktivism with the game’s fictional setting. Watch Dogs 2 director Danny Bélanger originally worked for Watch Dogs as lead game designer. He admits Ubisoft has taken a liking to news about hacktivist groups such as Lulzec and Anonymous.

The plot of Watch Dogs 2 will be similar to Silicon Valley, corporate hacking, and the WikiLeaks incident with Edward Snowden.

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This game stars Marcus Holloway, who teams up with hacking group DedSec after he was wrongly accused of a crime. It turns out San Francisco’s smart OS ctOS 2.0 manipulated data in someway to conflict Marcus Holloway. Now Holloway is out for revenge using the city’s own technology.

According to the latest Watch Dogs 2 developer diary, the game now explores corporations and their usage of big data. While the first game tackles getting your information, the second game tackles how corporations use it.

Players may feel a creeping sense of paranoia when they realize real-life companies also use their information for targeted advertising.

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Going hacktivist with San Francisco

According to Bélanger, making their own version of “smart” San Francisco meant touring the city. They wanted to make the game real, so they had to capture the spirit of the city.

Watch Dogs 2 will also aim to praise smart cities, in where tech companies and startups now incorporate smart technology from their offices to homes.

The game will definitely shine light on topics as its own social commentary, but players will have to see it for themselves.

Bélanger added the most fun in the game happens when they incorporate a work of fiction with real life events. This led them to explore hacktivist groups and their motivation, as well as their culture. In the end, it’s up to the player to determine whether DedSec’s actions are for the good or evil of society.

Either way, the game will try its best to adjust to the player’s actions. The game now features richer hacking possibilities, which paves for more intense action.

Watch Dogs 2 will have a November release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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