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Titanfall 2 PS4 Gameplay: Doritos DLC & Angel Map Download Revealed!
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Titanfall 2 PS4 Gameplay: Doritos DLC & Angel Map Download Revealed!

Titanfall fans are in a nostalgia ride. Respawn Entertainment confirms the arrival of new content in Titanfall 2. This includes old maps, as well as Doritos and Mountain Dew-inspired content.

According to a Titanfall blog post, a remastered Angel City map will be released this December as a free DLC. Fans will recall Angel City as one of the most popular maps in the original game.

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Respawn told nostalgic fans that Angel City will appear livelier and remastered in Titanfall 2. Players who pre-ordered the game will receive the DLC three days earlier along with the Nitro Scorch pack.

The Nitro Scorch pack will include a unique “call sign” and a special warpaint for players to use. It seems Angel City will have to prepare for intense Titan-Pilot combat.

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Snack-inspired content

Meanwhile, iDigitalTimes reports snack-based content will also arrive in Titanfall 2. Fans who like to eat Doritos and drink Mountain Dew may participate. They can enter a competition to earn exclusive content.

Players with special tickets can participate in one-versus-one Colosseum duels. This will earn them skins for both Pilots and Titans. However, these skins will be based on brands such as Mountain Dew, Target and Doritos.

Participants of the competition may even get the chance to unlock the Ronin Titan early in the game. The game teases the Ronin as a fast-paced Titan that does short bursts of damage. The competition can help players unlock this colossal mech with double experience tickets.

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Of course, players who want to win will have to buy a lot of snacks. Players can earn a double experience token and a Colosseum ticket with a 20-oz Mountain Dew and 3-oz Doritos. Different iterations of the rewards appear in various Walmart and Target stores.

Respawn added that it intends to make all post-launch content free to download. This includes maps and other modes for Titanfall 2. The studio reaffirmed its desire to build a “thriving” multiplayer community for the game.

Developers also seem to want to offer more cosmetic items after the game is launched. This is good news for customization junkies. Titanfall 2 itself seems to feature various options without post-launch content.

Titanfall 2 is set for an October 28 release for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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